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How much dioralyte to give a dog (28-29 Kgs) - do I just follow the instructions on the pack? My little baba has a bad dose of the runs and is a bit lethargic so I want to make sure he's doesn't get dehydrated. Obviously if it doesn't get better by tomorrow he'll be around to his friends in the vets!
GAH!!!! I must of jinxed him - somebody pi$$ed me off the other week telling me how unlucky he was and I replied that he hadn't been to the vets for 6 months and had cut his paw the year before like their own dog- then he had to go twice this month!! They had spent €70 the day before to get mats cut out of their dogs coat and my fella is the unlucky one! /rant over - sorry

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Encourage him to drink water and maybe chew on a few ice cubes, restrict food for 24 hours and start him on plain boiled rice and boiled chicken a few small meals a day. I find royal canin sensativity great for firming up the poos but white rice should do the trick too.

If he is becoming weak pinch his skin gently, if it stays up he's dehydrated if it falls back down he's not, just follow the instructions on the pack one sachet could be enough at a time.

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Thanks - got him to take most of it. Normally a can of sensitivity control would stop it in it's tracks but not yet I always have a tube of diarsanyl just in case so started him on it last night too. I thought he was grand yesterday and the RC had sorted it but he was panting and grumbling at me last night and finaly (I'd been trying to coax him for ages) got up and followed me out to the garden when i shook my keys and well let's say it wasn't pretty! Same again this morning and he's been snoozing all day since - no more trips to the loo but he's only had 3/4 of a can of RC all day so nothing for him to get rid of. He's never been lethargic before when he had an upset tummy - he'd drink normally and be his usual self so keeping a close eye on him.
Our vets say not to starve them so the gut stays active/nourished - has anyone else heard that? I play it by ear tbh - see how he handles say a half portion and go from there.

EDIT - just to update he was up all night trying to get sick and had an accident in his bed with more blood so I took him to the vets earlier. If he doesn't improve over night they'll probably take him in to give him fluids. He's had about half a can of RC since this morning (feeding him small and often) and so far so good so hopefully he's on the mend and the medicine is kicking in. He got excited when i brought him home a new ball from town and was alert for a while then took it to his bed and went back asleep lol - saving it for later

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Yeh vet advice has changed recently they do say not to starve them and that something like RC will help nourish and support the bowel. But I think for the first 24 hours sometimes the bowel needs a chance to empty completly and have a wash out with fluids ie getting the dog to drink and then slowly introducing RC. I found if I feed mine straight away with RC it just prolonged the runs. I understand what the vets are saying that the bowel need nutrition but I find if it's upset and crampy adding any kind of food into it when it's that jumpy irritates it and it needs those hours to calm down a bit.
But each to their own, it always worries me when there is blood but sometimes it's worse than it looks.

Sounds like your fella has a nasty infection rather than just a tummy upset poor fella, hope he starts feeling better soon. Like ourselves some bugs can last 24 hours and some a few days. Sometimes it can be hard with dogs to work out when it's just a bit of an upset or colitis or a bigger infection.

Lots of sleep and plenty of fluids will do him good anyway, my lot love the taste of diorloyte must be the apple flavour.

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It comes in apple flavor!? I'll have to try it - i always get blackcurrant lol No pukes or poops so far. He's was begging earlier and bringing balls to me so seems to be feeling better!' He just drank a bowel of marmitey water too - more than he's drank in days. Glad it's a BH weekend so I can mind him tomorrow!

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