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I have always been a fan of the Kerry blue Terrier but I have heard tons
of bull regarding their temperament. I have three kids and an old Collie.
Would a Kerry blue make a good and safe pet.
My kids are aged 11, 7 and 1.

PS. I am very good with dogs and all my dogs have been well disciplined.

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I've met maybe half a dozen different Kerries over the years. Except for one bitch, they all caused spectacular trouble with other dogs. I'm not saying you'll find this to be the case, but it does seem to be a tendency within the breed, particularly in the males. Obviously it's a problem that can be surmounted with the right upbringing, or they wouldn't be able to judge Kerries at dog shows! If you do get a Kerry pup be sure to mix it with all kinds of dogs on a regular basis once it's fully vaccinated. Not just with your elderly collie.

PS If your elderly collie is at all frail, he/she probably won't welcome a terrier puppy ragging on them. Might it be best to wait?

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As above, I have a kerry blue cross bitch,it was a lot of work to socialise her to other dogs.I still never let her off the lead while walking.

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The other dog is almost nine and not very well. Been to three vets and now
treating him for an ear infection. He is a great dog. Super temperament and
excellent with kids. I really hope he pulls through.

Might be best waiting for a while. We are looking for another dog for companionship for him and as a family pet too.
How would the KB fair with kids.


I have a Kerry Blue (cross probably) rescue who was obviously not socialised with other dogs and I've had to work on her dog aggression. Have to say it's worked well and she's good now but not 100% and probably never will be. I don't let her off lead either as she has a really strong prey drive and zero recall when she gets stuck into something (or couldn't be bothered). She is very clever so very trainable but also incredibly headstrong so so she'll only be trained if she wants to be She can also move very fast and jump very high. I still haven't managed to make my fences high enough! While some of the issues are generally recognised Kerry Blue traits I do think they have emerged because of her neglected background so I daresay training and socialisation from the outset would offset these.

That all sounds very negative so I'll add the positives... she is playful, funny, full of goofy character and most importantly for me fantastic with the kids (9 and 6) and they love her to bits

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we had one when I was a kid and he was the most fab dog ever. he had no issues with other dogs and got on really well with them all. he had excellent recall too.
we found him very family protective and very tolerant of kids (me at the time)

I keep hearing they are more agressive now but like you not sure as to the truth of it.

I am sure there must be a breed club for them and may be worth contacting them?


I should add that my dogs agression is now pretty much limited to small white fluffies on leads She's almost over friendly the rest of the time, great with loose dogs we meet on our walks, and has been really good in an enclosure with other loose dogs. So I don't think that dog aggression is inevitable.

I also feel I have to say it again..... really good with the kids

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My only experience with KBs is when my dog was attacked by one when I was a teenager. She was only a little wire haired terrier mix and about a quarter the size of the KB that attacked her, totally unprovoked while she was on the lead.

She needed a lot of stitches in her throat/chin area. Luckily the owner dragged him off my terrier before he killed her cos I was just frozen to the spot. He wasn't put down and continued to stroll about uncontrolled, although he was always fine with people, just other dogs.


I grew up with kerry blues, my father breads them and shows them and has made MANY champions in ireland the uk and further afield. As kids we could play, wrestle and mess about with our dogs with no problems. They are great dogs. these days my 3 and 7 year olds play with them when we are up in the house and again no problems. They were and are all fairly fiesty with other dogs they dont know and are not off leads when walking but we have had other dogs over the years too, a collie, a ridgeback and a few others and had no problem intigrating them. at the moment he has 2 and a wheeton terrier and they all get along fine.

I will say this though if you are thinking about a kerry blue take the time to look around and talk to people in the know, there are alot of crap breeders with crap dogs out there. you will be better off buying from a decent breeder and spending the extra few quid.

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I had a kerry blue cross female. Massive problems with intermittent dog aggression as she got older. She remembered every breed she'd ever had a problem with and hated them forever. With other dogs she could be nice as pie. They don't forgive or forget

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Thanks for the advice guys.
Kildare17.. Is your father still breeding them. I would be interested in a pup.
The only problem I have is that my dog has had a stroke. Four vets later and
I finally get a diagnosis that makes sense.
He has had a stroke, has a bad ear infection, artritis and has lost lots of
weight. He had a blood test today and seems a little bit better.
I was thinking that a pup might annoy the fewk out of him. Should I wait for
a while..

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