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bk said:
Ideally UPC should use satellite to deliver TV services including HD in rural areas, perhaps using the new k-sat RTE are using for Saorsat and then use the MMDS frequencies to deliver phone and broadband to those people in rural areas.

Great idea, but very unlikely to happen.

I did mean to finish if QSat can do it then UPC are in a better position to do it, and hopefully with realistic prices.

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I see Eircom have large ads in today's newspapers promoting the forthcoming TV service, which they say will launch in September this year, as part of a quad play - phone, broadband, mobile and tv. I assume this new tv service will only be available if you live in one of the areas where Eircom have installed fibre ?

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Sponge Bob Banned

eircom have been promising some form of TV on a Telephone Wire since the late 1990s ....just after eircom SOLD THEIR CABLE NETWORK TO NTL!!!

They have conducted myriad IPTV or TVoCopper trials since. Today, 15 years later, they are telling they Sindo that they can launch this IPTV or TVoCopper as soon as September 2013.

"quad play" offer due in September.

The forurth bit of the Quad is TV, they already offer data/voice/mobile packabges. How very organised seeing as they announced their pilot scheme ( INCLUDING TV) in mid 2010. Does it take 3 years to configure a head end????

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wouldnt hold your breath waiting for it if its anything to go by the survey I did last month. It had 30 channels in it with 50mb broadband and offpeak calls and line rental for 60euro. all the channels were free to air except sky1 and sky 2 with the option of 5 extra hd channels for 3 euro

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will it will be called eircom vision like bt vision in the uk

then in 2020 eircom will go head to toe with sky tv for the irish eng premier football rights
eircom had over 10 years before saorview was set up
timing is too late

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Hysterically funny. I first saw eircom's trial on demand TV service in 1989 I think it was. Closed user trial group.

I then toured their state of the art studio and production company "docomo" I think it was called in 1998, all with grand plans to broadcast IP TV. They sank millions into it.

So after quarter of a decade, here it is.

Oh eircom, you funny.


Isn't DoCoMo a major Japanese mobile phone operator. - http://www.nttdocomo.com/

So's eMobile http://emobile.jp/

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This thread was started in 2011 and we still dont know what channels they are offering!!!

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eireannBEAR said:
This thread was started in 2011 and we still dont know what channels they are offering!!!

Indeed. Given that we don't drag up old threads, it might be best to see if they ever launch a service.

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