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Hi All

We are holding our second annual sportive along with Down Syndrome Waterford branch on Saturday August 13th at 10am. We would love to see all you boardsies taking part along with us on the day. It is the official training event for the Sean Kelly tour which is on 2 weeks later.

All event details on our website homepage here.

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Hi,hope nobody minds me bumping this thread.This sportif would be a good training spin for the Sean Kelly and of course all proceeds go to a great charity.

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Come on lads how about a bit of support here. Our club members have supported most of the sportives around this year. The long route is a great course, nearly 160k, lovely scenery on the one big climb, and good company along the way as well. Good preparation for the SKT 2 weeks later.

@Smalltalk. No problem posting up . Your comments are appreciated.

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Might be up for this alright, few questions tho:

1. Driving Cork to Waterford would take around 2hrs?

2. Is the close of registration at 9.30 sharp?

3. Is the Regional Sports Center near the start?

Thanks in advance for some info in this.

JOHN_70 Registered User

I'll do this hopefully, sounds like a good spin, will be my 3rd sportif in 3 weeks.

TheBlaaMan Registered User

Cork - Waterford: The RSC is 90 minutes from the Dunkettle roundabout/Tivoli, just head in straight past WIT & old Waterford Crystal showrooms and its on your right just at the first roundabout after above

Route details


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smalltalk Registered User

@dubba,Cork(Tivoli)to RSC 90mins
I would say anyone that turns up will be signed up.
7 or 8 mins from the RSC(free parking,showers and food after the spin) to the center of town for the sign on and start.

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aquanaut Registered User

This is going to be a great spin - a lot of the Sean Kelly route can be found on this spin and I reckon it will be great craic - the route has a really nice mix of road types and terrain and as already said, brilliant scenery!


ashleey Registered User

If I can get a babysitter, as my wife works Saturday's I'll be there. Sounds great and I missed the Viking tour which was really good.

MichealD Registered User

Maybe some of the local lads could suggest a good way to add about 40kms on to the 65km route. (65km too short, 155 too long!!)

Was thinking of maybe Carrick on Suir (via Seskin Hill) to Leamybrien and back to Waterford? A lot of main road though...

Any other suggestions?

ashleey Registered User

I think they forgot to mention the really long rise into Dungarvan and back out again too

Muckers Registered User

We wont be too strict about the registration closing time. Nobody will be turned away, as all the funds go to DSI, but we do need to be on our way at 10am due to the garda escort out of the city.

@Michael D. Your suggestion is probably the best route option. Carrick to Lemybrien is a secondary road so will not be too busy traffic wise. You are at the base of Mahon Falls here so there is always that option. Lemybrien to the finish is on the n25.

@Ashleey. There is no long rise into Dungarvan. There is however a 1k drag up the Pike on the far side.

ashleey Registered User

Fingers crossed the weather's good. Sounds like a great day out and I hope you get a good turnout. Just waiting on the babysitter...

kayaksurfbum Registered User

Long range forecast looks good so far!

No Diggity Registered User

Sounds good..nice route!

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