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Folks, need a bit of Help - got a Ford 3000 stuck in 3rd gear. I can move the ranges between high and low alright, and ocassionally select 3rd, but cant get the stick to move into any of the other gears 1st, 2nd or 4th.

Know a bit about tractors, but clutches/gearboxes, I know diddly about - any ideas on how best to free it up ?

I dont want to go splitting it if I can avoid it.

Thanks !

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Maybe the Gear Lever has just popped out of the selectors. It happens in my David Brown about once every six months or so. It feels like it is stuck in gear, but it's really a case of not been able to change the gears.

Try this;

  • Take off the 1-2-3-4 gear lever and plate. I take it is floor mounted. Clean it well first to stop any dirt falling into the gearbox.
  • Underneath in the gearbox you should see where the ball at the bottom of the hand lever fits into. There are 2 'c' shape cups mounted on 2 shafts. Both shafts should move forward and backwards when pushed with a long lever. Mid position is neutral on both. If these move freely, then the gears are not stuck.
  • Leave both in neutral and put back on the hand lever. It's tricky to get the ball back into the cups.
Let us know how you get on.

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Thanks for the advice - it was a scraper tractor in a previous life before being parked up for about 3 years. Fired it up a few weeks ago, had no hassle driving it out of the shed - chugging around and trying to reverse back in in when the problem popped up

Anyway, I'm in the middle of replacing a tyre, hub and wheel bearing, once completed, I give your points a lash and report back.

Would it be possible that the bottom of the sticks wear ?


It's not so much that the ball at the bottom of the gear stick wearing, but the gap between the cups on the selector shafts opens out a bit from all the wear. If you happen to have the gear lever in towards the middle rather than to either side, you can force it to pop out.
It always seems to happen me when I'm busy like spreading slurry or drawing bales. There's a simple remedy for it too, just weld on the four sides of the ball tip, and file them flat. I was told this by a guy that rebuilds them. Must do mine!


That used happen my ursus as well. IIRC there is a hydraulic oil screw just behind the levers. If you take that off and get a screw driver you should be able to release the gear stick from where it is stuck while jiggling (and that is a technical term) the gear lever about. Avoid 3rd until you get it fixed then as it will stay happening. I wish i was more help in what exactly to do but that got me going a few times till i got it sorted

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Ok, so latest update: I took off the top cover with the sticks: quite a bit of wear in there alright. Did a big of jiggling, lined everything up, still cant find 1, 2 or 4.

Cant check it for sure until I have the hubs & bearings repaired and get the tractor moving again - the remains of the big wheel bearing is causing me hassle at the moment - gonna have to cut it off which will be 'fun'

I'll keep you all updated....

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Don't really know anything about Ford tractors but apparently the metal in the selectors used to wear out fairly quickly and the cure was to build them back up with weld and fit them back in. Again someone who know's their Fords might be able to shed more light on that. At the mountbellew show last weekend there was a lad on a Ford with a screwdriver jammed into the box instead of a gear lever!

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Hehehe! Being creative there. Just reading the other thread on the newer tractors with the space age gearboxes in them. Cant imagine one of the new MF's or Deeres with a screwdriver for a gear stick

Well, on the 3000, the selectors themselves appear worn, and the end of the gearstick was previously welded. Might pick up some new sticks and selectors altogether, see how that goes....

The plan here is to get the 3000 back to being usable as opposed to looking like it just came from the factory.

There is a lot to be said for having a small tractor for the smaller jobs around the place.....

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