TriciaDelicia Registered User

Any suggestions are welcome... BTW Northside would be best, I am beyond sick of being charged €50 to trim my hair!

Thank you to anyone who bothers replying.

coats Registered User

Lemons Hair Salon on Clontarf Road

Really Good Value, undercutting every other salon in the area 8056796

Dee5 Registered User

Hi Just googled this place myself as I lost the number! It's actually 8056797!

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Lambchops65 Registered User

I used to pay €160 + in a fancy salon to get a semi (actually quazzi) and a trim.

Then went to Zeba in Maynooth and that was €75.

Went to Peter Marks other day and got wash, cut, semi and treatment for €70 !! They have 20% off at mo (incl wkds) which I think is great. They had the exact same colour as my previous salons. Its all about saving money

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