Celbridge Life Registered User

Hi all, we're downsizing from 4 to 2 hens at the moment and so have 2 beautiful light sussex free to good carers. They're 1 year old, laying, white with black speckles on the neck and tail. You'll need a pet carrier or similar to transport them. They're both pals so it would be great to see them kept together.

gomara Registered User

Hi Looking for a light sussex hen for coop in Dublin might take both if still available. Gabriel 087 2870041

Eyespy Registered User

Hi Celbridge,

I have 6 hybrids at just over 26 weeks old and I'd be happy to take your girls if you think that they'd get on alright with other birds. They (the six) are really easygoing little birds so they should settle in nicely. The only thing that would worry me is the age gap as your girls probably have a hierarchy going on while the hybrids are literally only finding their feet. I have 3 other ahem *ladies* (2 years old) but they are positively feral with other birds so they live apart from the babies. Needless to say, the sussex would not be going into that run. I have a cat carrier that I use to transport the chicks so I could bring them in that. I would be delighted to take them if the previous poster cannot and if the sussex are happy with other birds.


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