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Tri Season is just around the corner here.

Last season was my 1st and I was competitive overall but it is definitely time to stop throwing time away to others purely because they have a faster bike.

Im completely new to cycling and the run is and always be my strong point so I dont know much about bikes.

Im looking for an all Carbon,
probably Ultegra / 105 gears ?,
I want a good ratio for climbing also, just outside of Tris, I love to climb mountains as part of training. A tri bike may not be suited this dual purpose?
Disc wheels ?
Will a good climbing ration however hamper me on the flat time trials of Tri ?
Im medium height, 72kg

What else of the techie info should I look out for ?

You can buy a lot more here for the money as the market is huge for tris, so any advice based on suitability of mid range bikes would be great .

All help appreciated.


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Just went down that road myself and went for a Trek 3.1.
Seems like a decent bike . Carbon frame, 105s.
Mainly went went for it as it was available and recommended in my local friendly bike shop (who I'd rely on for Tech backup) and he was doing a special on the 2011 model prior to the 2012 model coming in. Some cheaper offers were available elsewhere for Planet X. Not hot myself on the tech stuff so that's all I've got .

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