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Hey there, can anyone recommend a nice beauty salon in Westport, planning on getting make up done for a wedding in a few weeks.

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As far as I know, there are only two actual beauty salons in Westport, (as distinct from those in all the hotels).

I've only been in Alter Ego, which is in Market Lane. Does the job grand, but I have been in nicer places. (Can't even point to why I say that, as I haven't had any particular issues with it either).

The other one is Petals on Bridge Street. Never been there, but looks nice and shiny and new!

The hotels that come to mind are Castlecourt, Hotel Westport, Knockranny House, Atlantic Coast, Westport Woods. Some, if not all, of them also have beauty salons. So depending on where you're staying, you should find one that's convenient.

Enjoy the wedding

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Thanks a million for your reply,,,,I'll go with petals.


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If you haven't already had your make up done, I would highly recommend beauty by rose and joanna. Rose does a lovely job of the make up! Had my bridal makeup done there was very happy with it!

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Thanks for that Kate.G, Unfortunately it is too late but I will def remember them for the next time, Cheers

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