Just wondering is there any clubs there? Saw the Planet night club but it looks like it's closed as there is no information on the internet about it!
Also where are the best places to visit on a weekday for 18-22 age region? Thanks

sentient_6 Registered User

Fairly quiet these days. The east (niteclub) is open friday & saturday nights.

afkasurfjunkie Registered User

east niteclub only opens on a sat nite now as far as i know. very quiet around during the week. pubs that might have a few in include an tain, maud millars, blakes and the usual.


I actually love the nightlife in Ballinasloe, Maud's is great, Blakes and East can be a good laugh, €5 into East with a concession thing, I wouldn't set foot in the Planet, full of drunk teenagers, not willing to pay €10 for that. Was in the Pillar House last night at a trad session, it was brilliant, the place was hopping.

The younger folk I know (and I'm mid twenties) go to Downey's for the drinks promos, messy spot though. Maud's would be good on a week night, and Blake's apparently have great music on Thursday nights, it's a late bar at weekends anyway.

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