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In case people don't know...

Monday September 27, 2010 signals the commencement of the long awaited improvement works for the Bishop O' Donnell / Seamus Quirke Road. The expected completion date for the scheme is October 2011.


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Thank **** Im moving into town at the end of the month. This is well needed, but I would love to know how the Kingston and taylors hill junction will handle the greater level of traffic

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Don't know what you're saying thank fu(k for?*

This will only make things worse.

We now have a road with one traffic lane in each direction and after October 2011 (yeah right!) we'll have........................

A road with one traffic lane in each direction.

The Greens, Labour and ex Labour people who had this "modified" should be buried under this when it's finished

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Robbo Witchfinder General

24 hour buslanes when we don't have 24 hour buses? Marvellous. If they'd done them as 8 am-8 pm buslanes, the buses would gain their advantage at peak times and outside of them, the second lane in each direction would ease congestion. That, however would be too sensible a solution...

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and still no proper bus service for people living on the outskirts of town...gggaaaah.

not looking forward to this one...(they should really have a combined bus lane/"cars with more than 3 passengers" lane, to promote car pooling, for example, if they can't provide proper public transport...).

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10 million and one year to build two bus lanes!!
****ing joke shop!

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For God's sake, one of the busiest routes in the city and the solution from the powers that be is to put in not one but two bus lanes? Brilliant!

Sponge Bob Banned

and they will reduce the width of the existing single lanes.

I would welcome our green and labour overlords were they buried under the shaggin thing Anytime during the 14 months it will take them to build 1 mile of road would be fine as long as I get the chance to pour some concrete

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I commuted from Barna to Parkmore and then to Oranmore for about four years and it was only after I had to move down south last year that I appreciated just how horrendous the evening traffic can be. I suppose my employers didn't mind that I'd willingly stay in the office until 7pm just to try to cut down the amount of time spent crawling across the city but it really wrecks your quality of life.
One of the major bottlenecks as you all know is the Seamus Quirke road and yet, rather than try to solve the problem properly, a half-assed solution is thrown together. I wonder is Barna going to get a proper bus service that suits commuters so that they can travel on the new shiny bus lanes (in both directions )?

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In fairness, unless they put the bus lanes in there would be little point in improving the bus services. (Except for Barna - the service from there is truly pathetic, given that it's really just a suburb on the edge of the city).

But bus lanes plus and improved service would be a fantastic incentive to leave the car at home.

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I might eventually reluctantly support the bus lanes if there is a drastic improvement to bus services and if there is a drastic uptake of the improved services (improved services will be a huge waste if the buses are running nearly empty of passengers as they often are at present).

But I don't know of any plans at present to improve the bus services once the bus lanes open. There should be a plan in place right now and it should be publicised. If there is no plan then the road should be upgraded 2+2 all purpose. Let's not forget that a 2+2 all purpose would improve bus journey times and reliability; it wouldn't just improve things for private cars.

It's important to point out that no city bus services use the Seamus Quirke/Bishop O'Donnell along this stretch. BE's Rahoon-->City Centre buses turn left and go along Circular and the Siobhan McKenna roads. City Direct buses turn right a few metres further on and use the Rahoon/Shantalla Road. I will actually explode if they make that stretch a bus lane and don't immediately start running buses on it. There is zero justification for having an Eastbound bus lane along that stretch when no buses whatsoever use it at present.
It's a different story Westbound - BE buses (City Centre-->Rahoon) use the full length of the Seamus Quirke/Bishop O'Donnell so at least there is some arguement for it.

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what would also make sense is a big park & ride car park say near Barna for traffic from the west, and then regular commuter busses to the big industrial estates from there (say to parkmore, Ballybrit, oranmore). I'd definitely use those if it meant I didnt have to sit in traffic forever each day...

but again, I doubt the council have thought about any further ways to improve traffic here...

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Jk, I just added date to title so people will know what thread is about

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brianthebard Registered User

off road cycle lanes, boo.

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brianthebard said:
off road cycle lanes, boo.

Ya agree with ya but I say alot of experienced cyclists (especially anybody with road bike wheels) will ignore the off road cycle lanes and just use the empty 24/7 bus lane. There wont be a High frequency of buses on the SQR, probably more Taxis will use it than buses
Check this link out:

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