ixoy said:

Odd indeed as the episode guide websites still list Ep 22 on next week and 23 the week after.

EDIT: Okay the Ep 22 links have all gone. Weird. Did I dream it? Or were they pulled?

Haha I guess we'll only find out if someone starts posting here about Ep22

Skinfull Registered User

According to tv.com (my source for all things episodic!) E22 isnt going aired until 11th May.

Meanwhile, back in E21... not sure what to make of it.

Spoiler (Show)

On a side note... how about a mass viewing of Supernatural? Seeing as its on Friday night, and we all "acquire" it sat morning. How about we set aside a time on a sat and all watch together. Posting, chatting, observing etc while the show is on, rather than after the fact. Anyone up for it?

The Black Oil Moderator

I'd be up for an online commentary, though I try to study on Saturdays.

How about for the season finale?

Syferus Registered User

Do people actually want to be typing up stuff while the show is on, though? I know what I want to do when when I'm watching a show or film is kick back and concentrate on just it.

The Black Oil Moderator

Yeah, you're bound to lose something flipping between keyboard and screen. Unless we watch it independently first and then set a time to watch it again as a group.

angelll Registered User

How's about we all watch at the same time so and then come on here straight after. Say 10am on sat? And then meet here at 11am?


I have exam Saturday but that sounds like interesting idea for you to try

stevenmu Moderator

Carry on my wayward son ...

edit: wait, I thought it was the finale this week? They can't do the finale without the song can they?

edit2: wait, the finale is next week. Thank god for that, I thought it was he worst finale ever

SteelyDanJalapeno Registered User

"See you next season"

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CastorTroy Registered User

Really underwhelmed with this season. I hope the leviathan story is wrapped up. It seems every scene with them is played for a laugh, except with what happened to Bobby of course. But how serious could they be when they name the boss Dick, just so they can make a load of jokes.
And this week's episode didn't leave me looking forward to the finale.

BlitzKrieg Registered User

I kind of think dick is different enough from the other big bads of the series that keeps him interesting but keeps that same smugness that makes them so easy to like as baddies.

He's kind of somewhere between yellow eyes and Lucifer, yeah he doesnt carry the same imdpending doom of ancient prophecy both of them had but he does seem to be first actual villain (crowley doesnt count) to actually cut the horse**** and just hammer his way to the top.

I enjoyed this episode, the long running *pie* gag finally got a quality payoff in this episode, and Sam going all healthy food really called back to the first season chemistry between the two.

The Black Oil Moderator

Liked this one - thought it pulsed along pretty well. They're still getting a lot of mileage out of Dick, but there were other jokes in there as well. They manage to keep him interesting as a villain as his role is pretty non-combative. Most of the weapon is in hand now, but it's never that simple. Liked seeing the Alpha guy again, obvious his daughter was too sweet and innocent.

Rabbit food!

Mr E Administrator

Hmm... it was a good finale, but I didn't like some aspects.

The traditional Carry On My Wayward Son segment made the season look better than it actually was. Bobby's final exit felt a bit flat, and I don't understand how it spurred Cas into helping. The whole leviathan story ended on a whimper too, a bit of a limp dick.

Good hook for the next season though....I expect Cas has gone to find the fallen garrison to help their chances of survival, and next season will hopefully be back to Crowley/Heaven/Hell/God etc. which I'm very happy about.

It'll be weird watching Supernatural on Thursday though.... I kind of got used to my Saturday morning session with the Winchesters.

The Black Oil Moderator

Shameless Impala porn.

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CastorTroy Registered User

Main reason to watch the finale is for the "Carry on my Wayward Son" bit.

Personally I think that was the worst season. Was grand but not as good as I've come to expect.

Bobby moving on was pretty low key. And was that fire really hot or was the flask just made from really soft metal?

But looks like Cas is sane now, though stuck in purgatory. And I think the reason he decided to help was seeing them letting Bobby go and what this fight has cost them.

Think Meg could be a bigger part next season?

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