Josey Wales Registered User

Has anyone played this yet? I'm downloading the BETA now, looking forward to seeing what it is like. From what little I've seen it looks good. I was a big fan of Flower.

Glico Man Registered User

Is it on the Store? Seen a few videos and it looks amazing

For those that have never heard of it

Josey Wales Registered User

aaronh007 said:
Is it on the Store?

I just got an e-mail today with a code.

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Glico Man Registered User

Josey Wales said:
I just got an e-mail today with a code.

Never been as jealous before as I am right now

macpac26 Registered User

This game looks fantastic. Day 1.

eddhorse Registered User

Who did you get the code from?

Looks good , how much?

Jet Black Registered User

Looks brilliant, guessing you got the code because of flower. Lucky you.

Journey is the next exclusive PlayStation 3 title from the talented folks over at thatgamecompany. With Journey, they're trying something different with the online component as there is no way to chat, no matchmaking and you won't even see PSN IDs. You are limited in the way you can communicate with other players you come across in your adventure and it's totally up to you if you even want to work with others.

It's an odd concept, but it's one you yourself can check out by grabbing a beta code right here (North America only). This beta is extremely limited and the only other way you can get in is through the PlayStation Blog and PlayStation Plus subscribers who were one of the earliest adopters of thatgamecompany's first game, Flower.

The beta runs through July 12 giving you plenty of time to experience the game that easily blew my mind when I played it.

Josey Wales Registered User

Jet Black said:
Looks brilliant, guessing you got the code because of flower. Lucky you.

I say that is right. I bought Flower the first day it came out.

ShaneU Registered User

Just looked at my download list, I bought flower on the day it came out (12th Feb 2009) and I didn't get a beta invite. Didn't get one for infamous 2 either when I should have, not happy. I have email notifications on as well.

Grumpypants Registered User

Played through the beta, its brilliant but has anyone got any idea what its about ?

Love sliding down the side of the dunes.

ShaneU Registered User

WTF is going on?

johnny_ultimate Production Model EVA-02

Was actually really excited when I remembered this was out today.

Then I discovered it was a week exclusive to PS Plus subscribers.

Dear Sony: I hate you.

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ShaneU Registered User

Just finished it, wow amazing game. Don't think game is the best way to describe it though

unkymo Registered User

I'll have to wait another week but will be getting it. Avoiding all videos,reviews and pictures until then!


I want this game so ****ing bad, might go to PSN+ to get it today.

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