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Hi all. I read in the Galway Advertiser that tomorrow the Radisson is having its "open day" where they hire all the people for Race week. I remember hearing about it last year; about 800 showed up for 200 positions. The thing is though, I have heard of a few people who have already got jobs for that week without having to attend the open day! None of them were already working there either. Does anybody know anything about this? And just to be clear, can anybody attend tomorrow; like we didn't have to apply previously?...

If anybody can tell me what to expect tomorrow (like possible questions) I'd appreciate it. I don't have much experience in catering so the only position I can go for is glass collector...

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Hey, the open day tomorrow in the Radisson is for people looking to work for Race week in the hotel itself. From what I know any one can come along, you should probably bring a CV and from the people that turn up tomorrow they will be choosing their temporary staff.

What your friends probably applied for was to work with one of the on site catering companies. Lydon House (which is the catering company for the racecourse) has already had it's application process and and contacted people to work for the week.

Basically all the jobs for those intending to work in the actual race course have been assigned, the places that are hiring now are the different hotels around town and are looking for extra staff to work on their premises for the week, including the Radisson. And no, you don't have to have had applied for the Radisson already.

Just be sure to get down there early!

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