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I've American friends who accumulate all kinds of hotel and airline points.

Anything like this available in Ireland?


have a look here for one example. mbna aren't everyones first choice but they're one option.

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Cheers thanks.

Yeah I don't really use ryanair flights...

Pigsback looks like the only option.

I'll be paying the balance off every month so the interest rate doesn't really matter

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If you shop at tesco they have one were you earn points on purchases made in shops other than tesco.

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Don't forget AIB offer a Platinum Visa card. You get 0.5% back on purchases when you spend over €5,000 per year. So anything spent in a year you get money back. You do not get rewards on the first 5k spent, but using this day-to-day its easy to rack up this amount.

The amount is credited to your account each month and deducted from any balance outstanding.

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Sorry for digging this old chesnut up. Rang MBNA and they do not offer reward points on any new business cards. Tesco offers : €4 spent instore will be equivalent to 5 points (5 cents) or €4 spent outside Tesco 1 point (1 cent).

Our company has decided in its wisdom to withdraw all credit cards from executives and instead instructed us to bill the company regularly with any business expenses incurred.

The monthly credit card is about €1000 so earning potential of €2.50 monthly or €30 yearly. But the government stamp duty is €30 per year so its not worth it.

Anyone know any other card offering better than 0.0025% cash back reward?

The company intends to phase out from July. Any thoughts appreciated, but with the hassle thought it would be best to try and earn something.

Apogee Registered User

Tesco CC is 1 point/cent for every €2 spent.

Spend €2 instore = 3 points
Spend €2 outside = 1 point.

If you use Bord Gais for gas or electricity, you can then convert every €5 token to €10 off your bill, so it could work out as 1 cent for every €1 spent on the Tesco CC.

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