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What do ye think of the service in there. Was in it for the first time today.


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Thread doesn't make sense to me although haven't been in that shop personally so maybe I'm missing something.

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What exactly do you mean by service though ?

I've been in it a couple of times, picked up what I wanted, went to checkout, pleasant woman takes money,(last time tries to sell me Turtle Wax shampoo and stuff like WD40 which is on special offer) gives change - all fine.

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Far as i can tell its the same as any Halfords really. Grand for buying wipers, cleaning proucts etc etc if you want them straight away (as opposed to getting things cheaper elsewhere online but having to wait on postage).

I bought i steam cleaner in there a few week ago that was 33% off & a few days later when having a look at the price i did a quick calculation & i actually only got about 19% off, went back in & brought it to their attention & got a refund of the difference straight away. The last time i was in they hadn't actually changed the price though, must have a look again next time & say it to a manger or something if its still the same.

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I've found them pretty good. I was trying to find a Thule roofbar fitting, and the guy I was dealing with went out of his way to try and source it for me.

I've found most of their staff to be very helpful.

I'd prefer to give business to local companies where there isn't a massive price difference, but late and Sunday opening make them a lot easier for me to get to.


in my experience they do tend to rectify any mistakes or faulty goods pretty rapidly, are pretty helpful aswell, happy with the store i am.

no i dont work there btw, the managers is spot on,sorted out my issue right away and with the right attitude.


Mentioned on this yesterday I would never look to get Halford to service a car, I have seen them before doing small jobs like putting in a bulb or something and made a complete mess. I just use them now for parts. You can get a service done in Dublin in Ford garage for 109 and that is one of the more expensive. So I would recommend going to a garage


I find halfords very VERY expensive for car parts ...but good for shampoo and that with the 3 for 2 offer

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