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Forgot to add this one, the 50th anniversary of the Yser Campaign. On the rear is the name of the town of Nieuwpoort, where the yser river joins the sea. It is a coastal river, and the water levels controlled by floodgates, something which affected the outcome of WW1. I have pictures of the campaign area, I'll post them up separately.

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Very nice!

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A new prized addition to my WW1 collection.
Belgium Yser medal:

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Just picked up a mint variant if this medal with dates 1965-1905. The one I previously posted was 1965-1909.

I post both together for comparison.

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Issued to all military personnel that intervened in Congo, Zaire or Sudan since 1960. A clause states that you also have to display impeccable behaviour. The rear of the medal is flat.

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Here again a political prisoner cross such as was posted earlier on this thread, except that I also have the membership card of the organisation of political prisoners. The cross is hard enough to come by but one with personal details of the owner is an even rarer find. Two stars on the ribbon refer to one year imprisonment, each star being equal to six months detention.

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Nice! Post a pic of the rear of the humanitarian one also. Nice pics by the way!

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The rear is just flat, nought to see there!

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This award recognises acts of civil resistance during the years of occupation 1940 - 1945. On the rear is the latin text "Restirunt" or "They resisted".

On the face, the image of a man breaking the chains on his wrists, a woman standing to his rear. The bottom right edge is signed in very small text by the designer George Vindvogel (so small you almost do not see it).

The ribbon like the other two resistance medals already posted is symbolic, green for hope, red for the blood shed, but in this case the black refers to the clandestine activities of the resistance.

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Bearing the rampant lion and the national motto in French ‘L’Union Fait la Force’ and Dutch "Eendracht Maakt Macht", this medal is awarded for ten years of service. It can also be awarded for courage or exceptional service.
Instituted by Leopold II in 1873.

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A chivalric order available in five classes, three medals, and two palms. Here are the silver palms of this ward (previously had posted gold palms in this thread).

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Awarded to all military personnel mobilised during the Franco-Prussian war of 1870 to 1871.
Instituted by King Abert I in 1911.

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Available in two classes, the militray cross establised in 1885 by Leopold II and awarded to commissioned officers for 25 years of loyal and uninterrupted service. Only 300 of these are awarded each year at a special ceremony and so it is an item quite in demand.

This particular example is approx 100 years old.

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looking at a map, it is hard to imagine that Leopold II managed to have an unexplored land such as Congo colonised, in terms of scale it just seems absurd.

Here are some coins from that era.

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Wow that military cross looks stunning. Very high quality piece.

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