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Hi all,

It looks like the SGSII is going to become a very popular device and there is already an excellent discussion thread covering all issues relating to the device.

I think there is merit in setting up a thread exclusively dedicated to flashing firmware, custom ROM's, rooting etc so people into that don't end up cluttering up or dominating the general discussion thread.

If you agree please post info on how to upgrade firmware, flash custom ROM's etc here and let this thread become a dedicated resource for people who want to mess with customise their device.

Looking forward to seeing whether this ends up becoming a long running and popular thread or fades into obsurity within days!!


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OK, so there's no point leaving this to others.

I'm a 4 out of 10 when it comes to technical competency which means two things:-

1. If I can do the following so can you
2. Independently validate everything I say. Don't send me a bill if you brick your phone!!

I just spent a couple of hours with my brand new SGS II which was running KE1 and now it's running Litening Rom 1.5.

Here's everything you need

1. Download Odin V1.85 here

2. Download Litening Rom V1.5 from here

3. Download Litening Wallpapers App from the market here

4. Read and follow the instructions from here

5. The key to connecting your phone to Odin is to have it in "Download" mode which means powering off your phone, waiting 10 seconds to make sure it's fully powered off then hold volume DOWN, home and the power buttons at the same time. This will bring up a yellow type screen which might freak you out a little as it has a warning about loading custom roms. This is your "no turning back" moment so to speak. You need to confirm you know what you're doing by hitting the volume UP button and then you're good to go.

Flashing the Litening 1.5 ROM is as easy as launching the Odin 1.85 App, putting your phone into download mode, then (and only then) connecting your phone via USB cable to your PC, load the PDA file, make sure "Auto Reboot" and "F. Reset Time" are ticked, hit start and 2 minutes later you (should) have a lightning fast phone with a longer lasting battery.


Enjoy and if you brick your phone please email


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Nice one. You can now install ROMs from zip files on the SD when in recovery mode.

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Might aswell throw this in here aswell.

VillainRom creator pulsar has modded the new Skype2.0 apk to allow video calling on the Samsung Galaxy S2

I uploaded the Apk to mega-upload so people can grab it from there, Here is the link

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I messed up trying to delete my old version of Swype & am experiencing some niggling problems. Is there a way to totally wipe the device before restoring the ROM? I tried factory wiping in CWM but that didn't do the trick.


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Well I didn't stay too long on Litening Rom 1.5. It's big advantage is that it's easy to flash and doesn't require you're phone to be rooted so if you're new to flashing ROM's it's definetly a good option but having researched a bit more I decided to switch to Villain ROM 1.4 which took a little bit of figuring out but the instructions on their website are excellent and the forum is full of users willing to help.

Here's what you need to know:-

2. - This is where you can download the ROM and Modem files you'll need to flash.
3. - This is the thread you need to follow to correctly root the phone before flashing the Villain ROM. It's critical that you apply the correct CF Root file for the modem you already have on your device. E.G. If you check your device in Settings -> About Phone and the baseband version is I9100XXKF2 then you need to download and apply the file
in post #4 of the thread.
4. - Step by step guide to flashing Villain ROM including rooting etc.
5. - Clever Tweaks App which allows you to customise elements of the ROM and allows the ROM guys to apply updates/fixes.



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I'm delighted to report that VillainROM 1.4 is behaving very well. Had some concerns intially about data signal and battery life but both were unfounded. In fact battery life is turning out to be quite good.

Here's a useful list of APP's which can be deleted to lighten the load on the phone and increase battery life -

I probably deleted 50% of the "green" labelled apps and I also froze Software Update, Samsung Account and wssyncmlnps.apkusing Titanium Pro which are often responsible for considerable battery drain. (you can also use Bloat Freezer from the market to freeze them)

Happy Modding


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Has anyone tried any other roms apart from VR and lightening? Vrtweaks is starting to bug me by not allowing multiple tweaks, ie you install circle battery mod and it removes vibrate/notification alert when fully charged mod ect

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5500, no I haven't but I'm soooooooo glad you posted. I installed the "don't vibrate on full charge" tweak and then the circles tweak by Hoolyn and was more than surprised/disappointed when the missus elbowed me at 4am as the vibrating phone danced across the bedside locker.

I really like the circles tweak but I NEED the phone to remain silentduring the night.

Decisions decisions

BTW, how do you uninstall a tweak?

Nearly forgot. I read that the MIUI boyz are nearly ready with a ROM for the SGS II and no doubt the cyanogenmod crowd will have something out soon also.


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Im in the same boat, I need the no vibrate tweek but hate the stock battery and icons/colours. I also had the phone.apk installed to stop the increasing ring tone which was working fine and then I installed call recorder from vrtweaks and it removed it.

Afaik to uninstall a tweak is you copy the original file back over the modded file, there's a vrtweak backup folder on the sdcard with files included. If your getting force closes your probably better doing a restore in cwm.

Also for anyone whos messing around with roms - CREATE BACKUPS! it saves you a lot of hassle and headache if something you installed or removed does go pear shaped

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5500 - I've now reinstalled the "prevent notification and vibration when fully charged" tweak and it's removed some of the circle icons but retained the battery circle icon with the % displayed in numerics inside which is the most important element for me anyway.

I'll test it tonight by leaving the phone on flight mode when charging and seeing if I get a dig in the ribs around 3am or not

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I notice theres a darkys rom out now on on xda, seems to just be released today but users reporting issues installing so might be worth holding off for a few days before any bugs are fixed.

Going to try the notification alert myself again now. Another problem Ive got is I had the non increasing phone ringer apk installed, installed the call recorder in vrtweaks and now the ringer has reverted back to increasing.

Heres the phone.apk for KF2 rom's -, backup your original phone.apk just incase, then copy the new apk to system/app. If you get any force closes just reboot and you should be fine and have no more increasing ringer

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The reinstall of the full battery don't vibrate and light up the bedroom tweak is either working fine or we're sleeping through it

Will give the Darky boys a few weeks to iron out the SGS II wrinkles before giving them a shot.

Happy with Villain 1.4 TBH and as it's not broken I'm not that keen (or bored) to go fixing it!!

Have a good weekend.


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Looking at rooting the S2 and wonder if you need Samsung Kies on your PC to to this

Was looking at This Video and it states you do. If you do need it is This the right one to download?

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You need Kies to install drivers so Odin will recognise phone when plugged in. I would imagine the link you have put up would do fine.

Ben - i have frozen or deleted some of your suggestions. Hopefully this will give me better battery live now.

Anybody gone for Darky's rom. Any new fixes in Villain Rom that are of any interest?

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