Hey all, not sure if there was a thread about this, I just went online to Old Navy to see if I could find anything for my friend to bring home from the States and turns out they deliver to Ireland now! Their prices are really reasonable and good quality. Just thought I'd let you all know! Oh, and they take paypal. Happy days!!!

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Can a mod please edit the title of my post, it's totally meant to be NOW shipping to Ireland. Damn my excitement!!!

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LizT Same same but different

Yeah, they've been doing this for a while, ordered some things off old navy a while ago. Warning, the shipping is very high. I went in and filled my basket, total came to 400 dollars and then over 200 dollars for shipping!!!

Ended up just buying a blazer, a t-shirt, shorts and a dress and the shipping was about 40 dollars.

viv2 Registered User

AFAIK they work out how much customs and duty you should pay and add it to the cost of shipping.
At least with other companies there is a chance your package wont get stopped with gap/ old navy its already prepaid.

compsys Registered User

If you go on to Gap's European site you can order without fear of customs charges or import duties etc. Plus, all the items are priced in sterling so you pay less than you would in the Irish shops (around 30%).

There was a cardigan retailing for €79.99 in the Dundrum store and I got it online for only £49.95 (€56).

Postage is a bit high at 10 pounds sterling but I guess if you were buying a good few things at once it would still work out a lot cheaper.

Ogham Registered User

Banana Republic now have an EU site too . See here - http://best-buy-ireland.com/shop/banana-republic-clothes/

sidelines Registered User

Re the Banana Republic EU shipping, there was only one delivery option when I ordered a couple of weeks back, which was express delivery. I foolishly thought it was quicker form of post in the UK, but the clothes were shipped via DHL, so you need to sign for them. Unfortunately I wasn't at home for a couple of days when DHL tried twice, so goods were returned.
Just to bear in mind, you might want to have sent to workplace in case you are not home during daytime to sign

iMax Banned

Is there any Old Navy stores anywhere in Europe ?


My brother is managing a store for Old Navy in Vancouver so he has sent me a few bits and pieces over the last few months,nice clothes.

E.T. Registered User

Thanks baby and crumble, and Ogham, I've some lovely accessories from Banana Republic, will have to have a look at their site!

iMax Banned

So would it be better to pick Dollar or Euro as preferred currency ??

Ogham Registered User

Ogham said:
Banana Republic now have an EU site too . See here - http://best-buy-ireland.com/shop/banana-republic-clothes/

25% Discount Code at Banana Republic online until Aug 16th with code UKSAVE25

FueledByAisling Registered User

Try charity shops! Got a brand new Banana republic belt worth £50 on the site for a fiver

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