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Shield Trigger Warning!

+1 from me

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So we've got 20 +1's now, do we really need to wait out the 6 weeks period?

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Only to update the numbers, there are as of this post 1433 posts (increase by about 200) in slightly over a month and an additional 3 topics started.

The clan has also increased to 64 members and are daily on the Boards TS server before, during and after clan war battles.

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Daniel101 said:
25th +1 (no -1) including my original post.

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Is this not slightly redundant now?

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Dublin_Gunner said:
Is this not slightly redundant now?
Not really for a few reasons:

1) Not all have, or will, have access to that forum
2) The number of active posters are limited (4 posters with double digit, you and me being the top two with probably half the posts between us)
3) Higher visability for the B-IE clan
4) Alot of cross posting currently going on between the two forums due to people being on one but not the other

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