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After the thrill of running my first race, I've decided to start a training log.

My main goal is to run the DCM in 2012. The marathon this year comes too soon for me as I don't have much mileage on the clock to date. The farthest I have ever run in training has been 10k. So, I have got lots of time to prepare for the DCM, but I have a lot of work to do in the mean time. I need to structure my training over the next 16 months so that I can finish the marathon in one piece.

I'm 38 years of age, and running is something that I can see myself doing into my dotage. I think that is what attracts me to this sport, there is no age limit, and there is a place for everyone. I do all my training close to where I live, and that means nice quiet country roads with some nice inclines built in. Plently of variation depending on which route I chose.

As I mentioned, I have just run my first race, the docklands 8k. I was delighted with it. Finished in a time of 40mins, 24 secs. Felt very comfortable all the way around. If anything, I reckon I could have run a faster time, but as I had no race experience, I was cautious, and made sure that I didn't stutter towards the end of the race. It was great to experience running with so many others, and has really given me a shot in the arm to improve and get better.

So right now, I've decided to train for the Dublin half marathon, which is just over 12 weeks away. This fits in very nicely with the Hal Higdon Half Marathon Novice plan which is what I am going to follow.

I am carrying a few extra pounds that I need to shed to be the best I can be. I'm 6'1", and weigh 196lbs. Whilst training, I want to get this number down somewhere close to 170.

Now, one of the reasons that I am starting a log, is that I feel that I will need a lot of help along the way. I read quite a bit about other runners doing intervals, speed sessions, hill sessions, etc etc. I'm not sure how I go about fitting these into a training regime and how often I need to do each one. Perhaps you guys can explain a little about these and the benefits of doing these kind of runs ? Do I even need to consider this sort of thing bearing in mind that I am just setting out on this journey ? Also, how hard, and what pace should I be training at ? Is it just a case of putting in the miles at this stage ?

My running frequency to date has been quite sporadic, mainly to do with having sore calf muscles. A funny thing that I've noticed since I started running is that my left calf has become a lot bigger than my right. I'm not sure how odd this is. My left calf always seems to be tight, and very hard to the touch, whereas the other one is quite supple. I'm hoping that it is not an injury waiting to happen.

So, after my run on Wednesday, my legs are now starting to feel a little stiff. I think that I will go for an easy run tonight just to loosen them out a little bit.

Looking forward to it already

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jprender said:
I read quite a bit about other runners doing intervals, speed sessions, hill sessions, etc etc. I'm not sure how I go about fitting these into a training regime and how often I need to do each one. Perhaps you guys can explain a little about these and the benefits of doing these kind of runs ? Do I even need to consider this sort of thing bearing in mind that I am just setting out on this journey ? Also, how hard, and what pace should I be training at ? Is it just a case of putting in the miles at this stage ?

I don't think you need to worry too much about doing different types of session yet. When you start to run you should improve pretty quickly, just by training consistently, so get out there and do the miles, take in the odd hill on your route, and you'll get better and better each week.

After a while, when your legs are stronger (because speedwork too early can be damaging) you could do more of a variety of running.
For example, strides are short speed bursts - about 15 seconds at 80% effort - and their point is to improve running form, increasing leg speed, that kind of thing.
When you're running distances about 5k, the main limiting factor on your speed will be oxygen, how much you can take in and get to your muscles. So VO2 max training is running at that limit, to extend it.
Over longer distances (say 10k) lactic acid buildup in your legs becomes a problem so again, you train at that limit to improve your body's ability to clear lactic acid from your muscles.
Over still longer distances, ie marathons, you start running out of carbohydrates, which means you run out of energy, so you have to run for long distances in training to get better at burning fat for fuel.

If you join a club, or follow a good training programme, you'll do all of these sessions as you need them.

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hi jprender

I too hope to run DCM in 2012, I just dont feel ready for that distance this year.

Ill be following this log, best of luck.

P.S I love the log name

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Thanks folks

Managed to get out tonight and blow the cobwebs off a little bit. I was a little sore over the last day or so, so just did a short run to loosen things out.

4k in total and it felt pretty good.

I reckon that the gps was a little off for the first 500m's or so, as there is just no way I started that fast Still, the timings are right for the remainder of the run, in or around 5mins per km. I planned to run a lot slower than that, but I just seemed to hit that pace and stick with it.

I'm due to start my half marathon plan next Monday, so just trying to fill in the time until then. I'll probably go swimming tomorrow, i really find that help in-between my running efforts.


Best of luck with the training jprender. Welcome to the logs

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Ok, so in anticipation of the start of my training regime, here is what I have planned for next week. (HH novice half marathon)

Week 1 of 12 :

Monday : 5km Run
Tuesday : 3.5km Run
Wednesday : 5km Run and Strength
Thursday : Rest (I also go on holidays YAY!!)
Friday : 30 mins Cross Training
Saturday : 6.5km Run
Sunday : Stretch and Strength

Even though I am going on holidays on Thursday, I'll be bringing all my gear with me. Should be interesting training in the heat of the Italian sun, but hey, at least it should help my tan

Can someone recommend a pace that I should run for each session ?

I don't want to overdo it and risk injury, but at the same time I want to feel like I have put some effort in.

Can't wait to get this started.

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Hal Higdon Novice plan I think all the runs are easy pace, and the longest run is very easy pace. Make sure you get out early before the sun is too hot.

(yeah, just checked, he says

Don't worry about how fast you run your regular workouts. Run at a comfortable pace. If you're training with a friend, the two of you should be able to hold a conversation. If you can't do that, you're running too fast. (For those wearing heart rate monitors, your target zone should be between 65 and 75 percent of your maximum pulse rate.)

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Thanks Ray,

Easy runs it is. I think that I will have to battle with myself to keep the pace down, I'm terrible for pushing myself too hard, which is probably why I have not run as often as I would have liked.

Still, eyes on the prize, half marathon in 12 weeks. Then I can run like a demon

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Ah, I finally found my log, way back on the 3rd page of postings A lot of activity going on in here is seems

Was in work yesterday, 12 hour shift, 5am to 5pm. Normally I am fit for nothing but a bit of dinner and bed after that, but I had been thinking of getting out and hitting the road all day. Beautiful evening for running too, very warm, but with a nice cooling breeze at times just when I needed it.

Set out for an easy run, and tried to keep to a 6min 30sec km pace. I found it impossible. It felt like I was hardly moving at all. I just could not settle on a constant slow pace, and every time my mind drifted I found myself running too fast.

The roads were nice and quiet. Not a sinner to be seen. I reckon everyone from Louth, except for me, were indoors waiting for the GAA match where revenge would surely be served up to a Meath team that had one coming to them. That particular plan didn't go to well it seems

Ended up running for 12km, which is the farthest I have ever run to date. Felt great for the first 10k, but then the last 2 were all into that lovely breeze that I mentioned earlier. What seemed gentle in the early part of my session, now seemed like a force 10

Still, I did allow myself a smile when the lovely lady from runkeeper announced that I had been running for over an hour. I've never run for an hour before, and I certainly marked it as a sign of progress.

All in all, 1hour and 10mins on my feet. Legs feel relaxed this morning, I'll probably pay for it tomorrow though

Nothing planned for today, the plan starts for real on Monday.

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Started my 12 week training tonight with a steady 3.6km opener. Came on here feeling good, and looking to update my log, only to discover that I was supposed to be running 5k tonight

Ah, I'll just have to swap today and tomorrow around and run the 5k then. I should really be paying a bit more attention

Even though it was a short run, it's not the flattest, and so can be a little work in places.

Good to get the first one out of the way.

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5k, 5min 28sec pace on average.

Struggled a little tbh. Ran without music in my ears for the first time and it's a whole new experience. Listening to every footstep, nothing to take my mind off the fact that I was running, feeling every twinge in my legs and wondering if I should take it easy or even stop.
It was hot tonight too with not a puff of wind about.
Made it home though.

Tomorrow sees the first time I've attempted to run 3 days in a row. My legs ache right now, and I hate to think what they will be like this time tomorrow.

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Best of luck with the log. I'm also hoping to run a marathon sometime in the next two years.

Keep up the good work!

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I have brought my training gear with me on holidays before, and it has never seen the light of the foreign sun. Something is different this time however, and even though I partied pretty hard, I still got out there and put myself through the wringer.

I finished out week 1 with 6.25km run on Day 6. Tough run, with my first real climb. Damn hot too.

I was getting slower and slower towards the end until eventually I just ran out of juice. Pretty happy with it though.

Week 2 is a repeat of the week 1 schedule. Just concentrated on getting the runs done this week and so cross training and strength training didn't get a look in.
I spent Monday travelling, and so had to miss out on the first 5km run of the week.
Tuesday was a 3km run according to the plan. I'm not sure that I was supposed to do this, but I ran 8km because I missed Mondays run.

Wednesday was a 5 km run, again done in over 30degree heat.

Thursday was a rest day.

Friday is supposed to be cross training, but because I was moving around on Saturday, I decided to do my weekend long run. 6.5km total.

So, I feel that I did pretty well. Week 2 completed, with a total of 19.5km running done for the week.

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2 weeks down, 10 to go...

Here is what is ahead of me this week :-

Week 3 of 12 :

Monday : 5.5km Run
Tuesday : 3.5km Run
Wednesday : 5.5km Run and Strength
Thursday : Rest
Friday : 40 mins Cross Training
Saturday : 8km Run
Sunday : Stretch and Strength

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Lovely evening to get out tonight and I really enjoyed that one.

I slowed the pace right down to 6min kms and it was so nice not to be pushing myself. I feel in great shape for the rest of the week now.

5.5k done in 33 mins

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