Have to say I was impressed with Cork on Saturday night. First of all, I think JBM has them back playing proper traditional hurling, unlike the rubbish Denis Walsh wanted them to play. I really think Cork are going to have a good year. I know it's early days but after watching the match from Saturday I think they will make a big push for Munster. I wouldn't expect them to be as competitive In the all ireland as kilkenny or tipp, but I think if JBM stays in charge for the foreseeable future then we will see them make a further push. Another thing thats vital in a team is a healthy blend of youth and experience, I think Cork have exactly that. With super, experienced hurlers like Donal óg, Ben O'connor, John Gardiner, Sean óg, and then youthful players like Conor Lehane and Pat Horgan, and Sweetnam is only a good thing. I think Sean Og being back in the panel is a huge bonus, he is a superb athlete for an amateur, and the fact he is very strong and fit and competitive is only good because there great traits to have in a player. I would like to see the rebels make a big push for Munster this year.

ShamoBuc Moderator

Donegal 1-07 v Cork 0-06
Terrible game of football today. Really poor performance by Cork. Typical slow passing coming out of defence, totally predictable. Toothless forward display also - more wides than scores, over 30mins without a score!
Donegal played like Donegal play, enough said.
Ref - Paddy O' Sullivan was fairly brutal. On at least 3 occasions in the second half alone a Cork player was Balatantly fouled, but he waved play on -shocking.

All in all a bad day at the office for Cork. Hopefully the long trip home might give the management team enough time to realise that they have to change their tactics.

Treble20 Registered User

A disappointing day for Cork footballers and not helped either by a poor ref. A lot of work to be done with the panel yet before the championship starts.

corcaigh07 Registered User

ref was from Kerry! just putting it out there!

ShamoBuc Moderator

corcaigh07 said:
ref was from Kerry! just putting it out there!

A poor ref is a poor ref, doesn't matter where the Kerry man is from

Treble20 Registered User

2 away games next weekend,Laois in the football and Dublin in the hurling. I would be looking at the footballers getting back on track with a win against Laois while in the hurling it'll be interesting to see how they play against a Dublin team after an impressive opening win against Waterford. The Hurling game is on TG4 next Sunday,not sure about the football.

teednab-el Registered User

corcaigh07 said:
ref was from Kerry! just putting it out there!

Could they not have got a ref from some other county other than Kerry? Ridiculous.

keane2097 Registered User

Here's the team to play Laois:

K O'Halloran; R Carey, E O'Mahony, E Cotter; N O'Leary, G Canty, P Kissane; A O'Connor, F Goold; P Kerrigan, M Collins, P Kelly; C O'Neill, D O'Connor, B O'Driscoll

Seems strange to see Fintan Goold retained at midfield ahead of Aidan Walsh.

Was Goold any good vs Donegal?

ShamoBuc Moderator

I suppose the logic is to give him as many games as possible, Walsh will be a starter in the summer.
I hope they put in a good shift against Laois as a win would take the pressure off before the double header down the park in a few weeks ( both live on TG4 apparently)

keane2097 Registered User

Looked into it a bit more and turned out Walsh was due to be rested for that game but ended up being forced to play his third game in three days when Alan O’Connor picked up a late injury.

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SeaFields Gone fishin'

ShamoBuc said:
...the double header down the park in a few weeks ( both live on TG4 apparently)...

I cant wait for that. It'll make a great day out since i'm working paddys day.

Orizio Registered User

Collins is out btw.

SeaFields Gone fishin'

The Cork-Laois game is over by half time. Rebels 2-11 Laois 0-5

Good to see a few goals again.

ShamoBuc Moderator

Just saw that, well on top. A good win is badly needed I think as a loss would have lead to us really needing to beat Kerry next week. A few more goals would be nice to see.

SeaFields Gone fishin'

I don't think a loss was ever on the cards but a powerful display was certainly needed and they're giving it. Should see a few more goals if they keep the same tempo up (based on RTE update stream - I've no setanta )

Edit : Just saw Pearse O' Neill gone for a second yellow.

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