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If you do really well in a PLC FETAC level 5 course what courses are you allowed apply to after?

What would be the best way to work my way up to NUIM Arts, which is Level 8?

I know a friend who went to Ballyfermot, did a one year degree in drawing and then went to Maynooth after that, really had me thinking.

I ask as I am considering applying to a few English PLC's but I want to know what qualifications I will get from most?

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FETAC and PLC refer to Irish education, so the situation in England would be different.

A level 5 would be regarded as a kind of preparation year, it would be useful to do and could help you get on a Inst of Tech course, but you would go into first year of a diploma or degree course.

If you decide to do a level 5 you need to enquire whether there is any link between the college and an IT, otherwise check in the applications information for colleges whether they accept FETAC qualifications.

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There are two routes into 3rd level from Fetac Level 5 courses:

1. The Higher Links Scheme - if you get all distinctions, there are reserved places for FETAC students in certain courses in certain colleges e.g. a Nursing degree course may have 2 places for FETAC Pre-Nursing students. Competition for these places is very stiff.

2. For certain courses in certain colleges, you can apply through the Pilot Scheme. This allows you to use your module results as points through the CAO form e.g. a merit may be worth 30 (can't remember off the top of my head).

All of this info is in this document.

Alternatively, you can progress onto Level 6 course (after which you get FETAC certification, unlike 1st year in college) and progress onto 3rd level, sometimes the second year of a course.

FETAC Level 5 is equivalent to NVQ Level 3 or A levels in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. You can apply for Higher National Diplomas. FETAC Level 5 is well regarded in the North.

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You can now apply with a FETAC Level 5 certificate to almost every course in any of the ITs in the country and some of the universities. You apply through the CAO as you would have with your LC results. With FETAC, your best 8 modules count and are graded at Distinction, Merit and Pass. Distinction is awarded 50 points, Merit 35 and Pass 20. So you can get a max of 400 points through your FETAC cert.

Places are reserved on each course for FETAC applicants. You do not have to have a FETAC cert in a specific subject area to apply for a particular course. Eg. you do not have to do a Level 5 cert in Science to apply for a science course.

However, some courses in the ITs do have specific requirements, Nursing being the main one, which you do have to meet, eg. you have to have a certain FETAC cert completed to meet requirements, or you have to have gained distinctions in certain modules, or passed certain modules. However for most other courses any FETAC cert is fine.

E.g. one of my students last year got FETAC Level 5 Certificate in Information Processing (Business and Computing in layman's terms) and is now doing a Level 7 Degree in Recreation and Leisure.

It is up to you to check out the course requirements though.

There are far less university courses accepting FETAC students through this system, so you will have to check course requirements yourself.

I don't know anything about the English system so I couldn't help you there.

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Best way of figuring out what you need to progress is to start with the course you wish to progress to e.g in this case NUI Arts in NUIM.

This is a Level 8 award and thus the progression is via the Higher Education Links Scheme (HELS) and not the Pilot scheme. For the HELS the places are reserved for FETAC applicants and you must present a specific award including certain modules and it must be completed in one year. You compete against other FETAC applicants for the reserved number of places. You will need to be coming out with all Distinctions regardless of what the Admissions Office say as competition for the places is very intense. The points awarded are 3 for a Distinction, 2 for a Merit and 1 for a Pass, assuming all the modules you are doing have a credit value of 1 (ie that they are all Level 5 modules and not Level 4 or Level 6).

In the Pilot scheme the FETAC applicants compete against LC students and the FETAC results are marked - 50 for Distinction etc. This generally applies to courses at Level 6 and 7 in IoTs and generally there are no requirements for specific awards or modules.

To find out what you need for NUI Maynooth look at their FETAC booklet or see the codes you need on www.cao.ie - Information for FETAC Applicants - FETAC Entry requirements. This lists the codes of the FETAC awards and the codes of the mdoules you need to get onto a course on the CAO.

This is where the hassle starts as most FE colleges have different names on the courses than the name on the FETAC Award ie Pre-University Arts might be the name of the course but the award could be FETAC Award in Cultural and Heritage Studies. So the best bet is to get the codes etc for the awards and the modules from the CAO website or the Admissions Office of the University/IoT and then check with your local college as to whether they offer that award with those modules - don't rely on their named courses and subjects - get it in writing from them or otherwise you could end up doing a course and not having the right modules etc.

So to get onto NUI Maynooth Arts you need the following FETAC Awards
ECHSX, ELESX, ECAXX, EPJXX - Must obtain distinctions in 5 modules, which must include:

  • G20001

Plus at least three from the following:

  • B30139
  • D20130
  • D20032
  • E20113
  • E20024
  • E20114
  • E20115
  • E20124
  • G20022
  • E20138
  • E20139
  • E20106
  • E20107
  • E20108
  • E20009
  • E20076
  • E20078
  • E20008

ELAXX - Must obtain 5 distinctions overall with at least a merit in 3 of the following:

  • L22284
  • L22285
  • L22286
  • L22309
  • L22314
  • G20031
  • L22310
  • L22311

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Ok thanks Further Ed. you have given me the best advice so far.

I've applied to Dunboyne College and recieved an email to say my application was successful.

One last question, is my entry to Pre University Arts based on my grades in the Leaving Cert?

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Entry to the course is dependant on the criteria set down by Dunboyne - ask for a copy of their admissions policy and procedures and re the grades.

Also double check that you are doing the correct award and the correct modules as the title of the course may be Pre-University Arts but there is no such FETAC award. Alot of colleges change the title for marketing purposes but still give a relevant award but get it in writing !

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