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Me and my friends are planning on going to Oakwood for a day trip. There is about 4 of us and we are wondering how we get to rosslare if a bus is going for that particular reason and how much is the ferry and oakwood itself? Is there a standalone ticket which contains ferry ticket and oakwood and does it include the bus from holyhead to Oakwood?

Thanks in advance!


There are a lot of questions you can find the answers to yourself with google!

Bus Eireann and Irish Rail serve Rosslare Europort.

Irish Ferries serve Pembroke, the closest port to the park and from there it's 20-30'mins drive. No idea if there's a bus, but between 4 a taxi mightn't be a bad option.

I'd daresay, without a car this won't be a day trip!

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That seems to include everything at a pretty good price there.

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Ferris_Bueller said:

That seems to include everything at a pretty good price there.

Ive done the above trip for the last 2 years and its hassle free and great value. youll need some sterling cash for lockers / food etc and try to change it beofre the boat as you get poor exchange rates on board. Also, bring food for the boat as its a massive rip off.

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day trips kinda f##ked up now foot passenger trips only in august and the ferry doesn't arrive back in rosslare until six in the morning i just knocked the whole thing on the head

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