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Hi all,

am living in Denmark and using Skype to call home.
All of my family use mobiles - the majority being 087 and so I always call their mobiles from Skype.
Do any of you happen to know if there is a cheaper alternative for calling Irish mobiles from abroad?

Thanks a lot

Johnboy1951 Registered User

As I have no idea what the Skype charges are .....

Check out the Betamax group of companies - there should be one to suit your calling pattern ....... VoipWise, VoipGain, Rygna etc etc

Cunning Stunt Registered User

thanks for the response - I had a look and ''webcalldirect'' from Betamax seems to be the cheapest at 11c per min for calls to Irish landlines.
(Skype has been charging me 20c / min.)

Johnboy1951 Registered User

Scroll through this page to get an idea of prices available.

Be aware that some companies charge a call set up fee, and then charge per minute on top.
Others do not have a set up fee but charge more per minute.

Most of my calls are very short, so I use a provider with no set up fee.
You may have a different calling pattern.

There are also apps to install on smart phones which will allow the user to use their wireless connection to call VOIP to VOIP for no charge.

There are lots of options, including getting an Irish number for your VOIP if that might be useful.

You have a bit of research to do

Mr. G Moderator

Rynga are 7 cent per minute AFAIK. The minimum connection fee for them are the minute, if you spend 2 minutes and 6 seconds your charged for 3 minutes (21 cent).

Therefore you do have a lot of research to do, I used to use Rynga but to be honest, we only call mobiles for about 10-30 seconds every now and again, so it wasn't work all the transaction charges they have etc.

As always, if you rely on these betamox providers (resellers) always check for support and costs.

You pay for what you get.
I would recommend looking about these websites:

championc Registered User

Who did you swap Rynga for ? I'm using Rynga but use my freedays in generally less than 90 days so I'm ending up with a credit of 30 days of freedays every topup. I possibly have a similar low connect time of calls to mobiles

Mr. G Moderator

Well at the time, Blueface! But the amount of service interruptions mean business is lost a lot for us as phone is one of our main contact points..

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