dangerd Registered User

Hi, just wondering if anyone has used a movement and sound monitor and if they are any good? Is it worthwhile spending extra on one and would you recommend any particular brand?

alde Registered User

I was wondering the same thing, I was looking at the tommee tippee monitor with sensor matt. I would like to know does the alarm go off falsely if it thinks there is no movement sensed?

sillysocks Registered User

We have the angelcare monitor and love it. Gives great peace of mind, and without it I'd probably be up and down the stairs every two minutes in the evenings!

Haven't had any false alarms yet, but think they might be more likely when the baby starts moving around the cot a bit more.

dangerd Registered User

Thanks Sillysocks, I was looking at that one in Smiths the other day and was wondering if it was any good. There are so many out there its hard to know which one to choose and if they are worth the extra cash.

sillysocks Registered User

The Angelcare is definitely worth the money. Saw them in Tesco today for €89.
If the baby sleeps in your room for a while at the start you can have the sensor mat on without the monitor part which is reassuring as well.

whitelightrider Registered User

Hi folks,

Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for monitors? Looking at getting one before the new arrival. Prices really vary for different models.

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