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In order to cut down on the number of stickies on the XBOX forum, a number of threads that were stickies will lose this status. Instead, this thread will serve as a link to all these useful threads.

This thread will initially contain all de-stickied threads, but will be updated regularly to include new topics (or to remove threads that have served their function).

If you feel that a thread warrants a mention on here, please PM either myself (FutureGuy) or TheMooseinNam.


Tutorial: Changing NAT from Strict/Moderate to Open
Fantastic thread started by Walshy16291 which explains how to change your NAT setting in order to get access to Xbox Live. Questions are always welcomed.

Xbox Live Subscriptions and Microsoft Points
A thread to discuss the legal acquisition of Xbox Live Subscriptions and Microsoft points. Feel free to post any bargains you find, either online or in traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

XBox 360 - 3 Red Lights
A thread to discuss the infamous 3-red rings. Although this problem is fast becoming a thing of the past, some models are still affected.

Xbox won't download Xbox Live Updates?
A thread to discuss problems pertaining to Xbox Live updates

Xbox modding questions
A thread to discuss xbox modding. If you discuss the acquisition of software illegally, you will be permabanned. Please note that there also is a separate console modding forum in the games category.

How to connect to Xbox live through a pc/laptop using wifi
Great thread which explains how to get Xbox Live working over wifi. Feel free to post any problems you may be having.

HDMI 1080 what connection to buy?
A thread to discuss XBOX connections for HDTVs

The Free XBL Code Thread
The only thread for members to exchange free XBL codes on.

Essential Xbox 360 Games
New to Xbox360? Not sure which games are deserving of your attention? Then check out this great thread where members of the community list their favourite games. Other posters can then "thank" the post to show their approval!

Cancelling Automatic Credit Card Renewal
Call 1800 509186 - it takes just 3 minutes!

Xbox Customer Care Numbers - both freephone and landline numbers
Xbox Live Customer Care, Ireland phone numbers

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