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Thanks Stephen

I think I'm so nervous because its away from home and on my own , I know everyone else is in the same boat and I'll meet lots of people but its still very daunting heading off on my own.

I'll see you there Kathy , how are you feeling about it ??

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On my phone so I will keep it brief. I did McGuire in August. I was soooo nervous going to it. You will not meet a more nice supportive bunch of people there. The course has totally changed my negative perceptions about my stammer and I am more confident in speaking situations. The after course support is amazing as well.

I will be going to the course in November as well.

I might see you there


John Kelly

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paubs Registered User

Hi Karen

I know how you're feeling. It can feel daunting making your way down to the course and being away from your nearest and dearest, but believe me when I say that you will have massive support there. Everyone there on the course is behind you and helping you on your journey.

I'm not sure if you watch RTE, but Gareth Gates was on tonight and it was a very enjoyable interview to watch - you can catch in on RTE Real Player.

Look forward to seeing you in Galway!

All the best


Reoil Registered User

When is/was the course? How did you get on?

Karen23 Registered User

I applied for the course on www.stammering.ie
The next two courses are
8th-11th Aug 2012, Galway
07th-10th Nov 2012, Galway

I found it great , really intense and hard work for the four days but with great results. I found it really helped me a lot but I found it very hard to put what I learnt into practice in '' the real world ''

I seen so many people on the course with amazing life changing results , it didnt work for me but I blame myself for that. I was given the tools to get the results I wanted but found it so hard to change life long habits.

Best of luck if you decide to do it , you wont regret it.

Karen23 Registered User

Reoil said:
When is/was the course? How did you get on?

Just noticed your based in Antrim , there's a course in Belfast 6-9 Febuary

Reoil Registered User

Karen23 said:
Just noticed your based in Antrim , there's a course in Belfast 6-9 Febuary

I went on the course in Galway a few years ago. It's just not for me I'm afraid.

Karen23 Registered User

I think the same happened for me , when I was on the course I was great but I found it so hard using the technique at home.

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Hi guys

Will be speaking about the McGuire Programme and my own stammering journey on RTÉ Radio 1 tomorrow, The Mooney Show, between 3-4:30pm.

Might give people an insight into the different aspects of the programme and a personal spin on things

Tune in if you can!

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