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Munich starts this week!

edit: Suis Ascor Live Scores/Results page for Munich

THURSDAY16.06Arrival of Delegations
FRIDAY17.0608:30-15:45Official Training
08:30-18:00Equipment Control
15:00Technical Meeting
SATURDAY18.0608:30-10:1510m Air Rifle Men Relay 1
08:30-10:3050m Pistol Men Elimination 1
08:30-13:4525m Pistol Women Precision Stage
10:45-12:0010m Air Rifle Women Relay 1
10:45-12:3010m Air Rifle Men Relay 2
11:00-13:0050m Pistol Men Elimination 2
13:00-14:1510m Air Rifle Women Relay 2
14:00Finals 10m Air Rifle Men
15:45Finals 10m Air Rifle Women
16:30-18:1510m Air Rifle Men - MQS only
SUNDAY19.0608:30-10:3050m Pistol Men
08:30-12:3025m Pistol Women Rapid Fire Stage
11:15-12:3050m Rifle Prone Men Elimination 1
12:00Finals 50m Pistol Men
13:00-14:1550m Rifle Prone Men Elimination 2
13:30-19:0025m Rapid Fire Pistol Men Stage 1
14:00Finals 25m Pistol Women
MONDAY20.0608:30-09:4550m Rifle Prone Men
08:30-14:0025m Rapid Fire Pistol Men Stage 2
10:15-12:3050m Rifle 3 Positions Women Elimination 1
11:15Finals 50m Rifle Prone Men
13:00-15:1550m Rifle 3 Positions Women Elimination 2
15:00Finals 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men
TUESDAY21.0608:30-10:1510m Air Pistol Men Relay 1
08:30-10:4550m Rifle 3 Positions Women
10:45-12:3010m Air Pistol Men Relay 2
11:15-14:3550m Rifle 3 Positions Men Elimination 1
12:15Finals 50m Rifle 3 Positions Women
14:00Finals 10m Air Pistol Men
15:15-18:3550m Rifle 3 Positions Men Elimination 2
WEDNESDAY22.0608:30-09:4510m Air Pistol Women Relay 1
08:30-11:5050m Rifle 3 Positions Men
10:15-11:3010m Air Pistol Women Relay 2
13:00Finals 10m Air Pistol Women
14:00Finals 50m Rifle 3 Positions Men
THURSDAY23.06Departure of Delegations

From the ISSF website:

Almost 900 Rifle & Pistol athletes will be competing in Munich from the 16 through the 23 of June

“Numbers are incredible!” The ISSF Secretary General Franz Schreiber said about the entries recorded for the 2011 ISSF Rifle & Pistol World Cup in Munich, which is going to kick off the next 16th of June.

884 athletes coming from 85 nations have already registered to take part in the competition, for a total 1485 starts.

The competition, which will be conducted on the lines of the lines of the 1972 Olympic Shooting Range of Munich from the 16 through the 23 of June, is going to become a milestone on the qualification path to the 2012 London Games: a total of 24 Olympic Quota Places will indeed be awarded in the 10 rifle and pistol events.

“Munich’s is one of the largest venues of the world. But the numbers of this world cup are still impressive” Mr. Schreiber said.

“It’s a record, no doubt about it. Never before, a Rifle & Pistol World Cup Stage registered this participation”.

Marco Dalla Dea

Kryten Registered User

You Mean World Cup 2011 . Would be something else to go there even as a spectator. I'm sure one would "make bits of the Visa card" at the trade stands. mmmmm Rink Grip for the GSP Fitted to my hand in person. Oh heck. Just get the new SSP with the fitted Rink grip

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*muttermutter*Insufficient coffee...*mutter*

It wasn't me! Moderator

I went to the world championships as a spectator last year. It is just beyond comprehension, and the range complex in Munich is just incredible. I'm going back out on friday helping out with our team and looking forward to it immensely. Needless to say, pennies have been put away to lay waste to those trade stalls. Fear not Kryten.

convert Moderator

Those stalls are always dangerous things! I try to avoid if at all possible - I need to eat!

It wasn't me! Moderator

Need a new sling, and my glove has seen better days, and I might look at new frames, and... so on and so forth.

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Kryten said:
I'm sure one would "make bits of the Visa card" at the trade stands.

Well, the last time I went to Munich was 2001. I walked into the Anschutz tent.

I finally finished paying off the loans in 2007...

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Sparks Category Moderator

From the ISSF website:

ISSF Rifle & Pistol World Cup opened in Munich

890 athletes coming from 86 countries will compete in the 2011 ISSF Rifle and Pistol World Cup Stage which kicked off today at the 1972 Olympic Shooting Range of Munich, through the 23rd of June.

A record number of 1482 starts (with athletes competing in multiple events), makes of this competition the biggest ISSF Rifle and Pistol World Cup Stage ever.

Athletes from all around the world will compete in the 10 Olympic events of Rifle and Pistol shooting, aiming at the 24 Olympic Quota Places to be awarded here. This is indeed one of the last chances to qualify for the 2012 London Games, before the continental championships.

The first medal matches, the 10m Air Rifle Men and Women finals, will take place tomorrow afternoon, starting from 2 PM (German time, GMT+1)

“Numbers are incredible!” The ISSF Secretary General Franz Schreiber said, commenting on the turnout of athletes of the fourth and last Rifle and Pistol World Cup Stage of the year.

“Munich’s is a big range, one of the best shooting sport venue of the world, but even here we are on the edge. It’s the first time that we record such a high participation in a world cup stage, since the series was launched in 1986.” Mr. Schreiber added.

The 2011 ISSF World Cup Series travelled from Sydney (AUS) to Changwon (KOR), passing through Fort Benning (USA) before landing here in Munich, where the last Rifle and Pistol Stage is conducted. The ISSF World Cup Series will then be closed in September, with the Rifle and Pistol World Cup Final taking place in Wroclaw, Poland.

Marco Dalla Dea

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10m Mens Air Rifle is underway at the moment, 130 entries, Jozef Gonci in the lead with 599, nearest finished competitor is on 598 and only one other shooter has a realistic chance of matching him.

Ray shot well, matched his domestic performance from this weekend and broke the Irish record for a score in an ISSF match of 583 (which he set in Intershoot in February)

1617.1.png 1617.2.png
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Ha! And in the time it took to write that up, Zhu shot a 599 and equalled Gonci's score
(Though he loses the first place on the number of inner tens shot)

edit: Hm, that's wierd, Zhu's not in the final ranklist. Some wierd glitch of some kind maybe. Live results showed him shooting a 599 and maybe even beating Gonci on countback...

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Yeah, it looks like the ranklist is for relay one only (too many shooters for a 100-firing point airgun hall! Feck!). Top eight going on to the finals from both relays are:

12ZHU QinanCHN100100 99100100100599
21GONCI JozefSVK99100100100100100599
32RIZOV AntonBUL100 99100100 99100598
41WANG TaoCHN100100100100 98100598
52SIDI PeterHUN100100100100 98 99597

edit: Scrap the bottom there there, they're holding a shoot off. Three places in the finals, 9 shooters on 596 in a shoot-off for the three places...

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Finals startlist is out:

1ZHU QinanCHN100 100 99 100 100 100599 599.0
2GONCI JozefSVK99 100 100 100 100 100599 599.0
3RIZOV AntonBUL100 99 100 100 99 100598 598.0
4WANG TaoCHN100 100 100 100 98 100598 598.0
5SIDI PeterHUN100 100 100 100 98 99597 597.0
6HANSEN AreNOR99 100 98 100 99 100596 596.0
7BINDRA AbhinavIND99 99 99 100 99 100596 596.0
8HELLENBRAND PeterNED99 100 99 100 98 100596 596.0

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And the final results:

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And the finals are now up on youtube:

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