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I have a friend who is a wheelchair user who would like to go away for a weeks holiday somewhere in the sun. The only neccessary requirements is that they have a wheel-in shower and ramps anything else is a bonus. They don't mind where and would like to go soon. Does anyone know of places that are accessible and easily got to and not too expensive?

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Stayed in Fariones Playa Apartments, Puerto Del Carmen, Lanzarote, Cassidys Travel did the booking. Enjoyed 2 weeks however the area is very hilly and you will rely heavily on a helper. Also the ramps into the complex are steeper than what would be allowed here.. one would need arms like Popeye
The apartment was booked as wheelchair accessible including the bathroom. However the problem was the shower was in a half sunken bath! Helper needed all the time to shower.

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I am in a wheelchair and have been to matagorda in lanzarote I agree with plon that some of the ramps are very steep even for someone who can walk. Matagorda though is very flat and there is there is a steep ramp somewhere if you go a bit further you can always find another way up. There are lots of bars and restaurants though no disco's have to go to puerto del carmen for that. Also the promenad is also very nice. I stayed in 2 different places the maricuel (may not be correct spelling) apartments and the los garivosa apartments. In the los gariosa there is a step up to the apartment but they will give u a ramp which is very good and not steep

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My partner has restricted mobility and we wondered the same. We went to Salou for a week in Sept and found it to be perfect. He used a wheelchair most of the time, but there were lifts in the place we stayed, the Cye Holiday Apartments (about 3 blocks back from the beach front), ramps on the street, though some were a little steep at times, most were ok, the town itself is all on the flat along the beach front. There are loads of shops, 99% with ramps and room for wheelchairs and everyone is really good and friendly about making sure you could get around alright. We weren't in an enabled access room, but I know there are ones in the place as there was a guy in a fully motorised wheelchair there before us and he had a room, but they wouldn't guarentee it in advance!

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Good to hear it went well for you in Salou. For anyone who is going to hotels, don't forget to check out their evacuation arrangements. You don't want to find yourself stranded on the 14th floor if their lifts can't be used in an emergency!

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Hi There

We have had friends out in Lanzarote in the last month and they stayed at the bungalows Nautilus in Matagorda, the whole area is completely flat and the complex is fantastic, its completely accessible we got picked up in the airport by a company called ´Sadiv´ google them, they also took us on an trip to the volcanoes and they have buses with electronic lifts for wheelchairs, really nice people I would recommend Lanzarote out of all the canary islands!

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