Scrappy112 Registered User

I got my ghd the christmas before last. It has started to keep beeping. Its from the precious gift set. Anyone have any idea why this is happening?

Pythia Registered User

Ha, mine is a precious and it's doing that too. I got it Xmas 2009.

I'm sending it back tomorrow for them to fix it. I think it's a problem with the cord not working properly and cutting off the power supply. Hopefully they will repair it for me as it's getting worse and worse.

squeakyduck Registered User

My GHD does this sometimes too. There may be a problem with the connection where the wire feeds into the straightner or where the wire feeds into the plug.

solerina Registered User

I got mine new at Christmas 2010. This Christmas it went crazy beeping constantly and it wouldnt heat up, I brought it back to the shop it was bought in and they sent it back to the factory...they replaced it within ten days.
A friend said hers did the same in really cold weather but if you heated the room it didnt happen

jokettle Registered User

Mine used to do that in cold weather, they dont work when it's under a certain temperature. Quick blast with the hairdryer and they were fine. If it's happening in June though, send them back!

-avey- Registered User

I have mine just over 2 years, and find that when my room is very cold they beep. I squeeze the plates together and this usually does the trick!

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