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Photo'd the wood in my van, had a proper look for the first time and it just appears to be 5/6mm MDF, who would even think of putting MDF down for a van floor You can see what the outcome is anyway.

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cormie said:
Did you get your trailer off that crowd? I'll give them a ring once they open and see if it's the same stuff they supply and if they do a fitting service at all or sell it separate by the sheet, thanks.

Yep, I got the trailer from them. They're not cheap, and I doubt that they are the importers, so they surely have a mark up on the sheeting.
I couldn't find any other supplier.

cormie Registered User

Rang them up and they were pricey enough on it alright!

Just got a quote of 280+vat off NVD to fit 12mm wisadeck so I might go with that. Have been onto a few others but haven't heard back.

noddyone2 Registered User

Please don't use Chinese ply. Try Waller and Wickham in Dublin. Robbins is reputed to be well worth it. Enjoy the building, I hope to start soon, PM me if you wish.

cormie Registered User

Yeah got the quote of and it's quite expensive, maybe too good for what I need it for (just a floor in a van). What's the "robbins" you're referring to?

cormie Registered User

Quote of 295+vat for 10mm birch wisadeck ply with phenolic resin (from Finland, probably good stuff!) from Cafco.

Just got a call back from NVD who confirmed it's 9mm hardwood ply made in the UK with a penolic anti-slip on it and will be 280+VAT fitted. They'd only have it next Thursday though and I was hoping to get it done sooner so will see if Cafco get back to me and what they say.

noddyone2 Registered User

Robbins is a company in England that specialise in marine plywood etc. Expensive, but perfect for marine use.

cormie Registered User

Ah yeah, think I saw them mentioned on the transit forum I posted on re a new floor. Checked their site and no sign of wisa deck.

bertie 56 Registered User

Waller and Wickham in Dublin are buying their marine-ply in Robbins- UK, who buy their marine-ply at Burguet in France .
So, try to buy from France straight away !!!

cormie Registered User

Thanks for that, job completed now though

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