They're giving Arma 2 away for free, it doesn't have the campaign though.


gavdownunder Registered User


is there any point in downloading this? are people not all playing with about 3 expansion packs and 30 addons by this stage?



i plat these highly addictive games and the free one is great idea i only play mutiplayer these days anywho. Plus might get new people playing and get them more interested

gavdownunder Registered User

yeah, just wondering what the playbase is gonna be like. From lurking in this forum for a while i reckon i wont be seeing most of the regulars here playing on the free server.

installing it anyway. love that ****s & COD elite subscription idea has made me very angry.


Free server? Not sure what you mean, we've not got a server these days.

dreamers75 Registered User

PogMoThoin said:
Free server? Not sure what you mean, we've not got a server these days.

Boo hiss

ideal oppurtunity to get umm anyone playing, fu gameservers.ie!!!

gavdownunder Registered User

thats a pity. Is there a regular server you guys play on? I cant remember their name but wasn't there another clan that used to join in with you guys quite frequently?


Pdfile Registered User

1para is the regular spot for most irish folks afaik.

also lads, with this arma II, this means all i have to do is get a propper copy of OA and im sorted ( only have PMC and BAF atm... lost my original Arma II )

thanks to the Dev's for saving me some euros

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