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Please nominate for the Standout Performance in a Single Episode.

  • Please nominate no more than 3 entries for this category
  • The nominated Show(s) must have had a season that aired for the first time, any time, between 1st June 2010 and 28th May 2011.
  • Shows still running are permitted
  • The show may have aired on US, Irish or UK Television.
  • This batch of nominations will close later this week, and a second set will be opened up.
  • Shows with the most nominations will be included in the voting stage.
  • For plot-related categories, please use discretion (spoiler tags if necessary)
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Eamonn Walker - Lights Out Episode 9. Superb! Best actor in this series and he only there about three weeks


Michelle Forbes - think it's the first/second episode of the Killing when

Spoiler (Show)


Donald Glover in "For a Few Paintballs More" (Community)
Chevy Chase in "For a Few Paintballs More" (Community)
Suranne Jones in "The Doctor's Wife" (Doctor Who)


Shawn Hatsoy "Code 4" - stunning performance!, the raw emotion, the utter shocj of it all.
Eamon Walker/Lights Out- as above, his first of two apperance were just amazing tv, i've never seen such a powerful screen presence in recent memory.

I'll also give it to Michelle Forbes for The Killing, those initial couple of episodes.

ixoy Moderator

Michelle Forbes - For portraying such raw anguish early on in "The Killing". Let's go with the second episode.
Johnny Harris (I think! I'm terrible with names) in "This is England '86" for that horrific rape scene in the final episode.
Matt Smith for "The Doctor's Wife" in "Doctor Who"

TheEscapist Registered User

Elizabeth Moss - Mad Men/The Suitcase My favourite episode of the series ever and she knocked it out of the park.

Bryan Cranston - Breaking Bad/Full Measure Shows all the sides of a character being built over 3 seasons in one episode.

Kyle Chandler - Friday Night Lights/Don't Go

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