paulgalway Registered User

Can anyone tell me where is Kinsale town hall - which street?

Also, any reasonable hotels or B&B's near-by.


Socrates Registered User

Is it the Temperance Hall you're looking for?

If so it's on Emmet Place - pretty much in the town centre - and very close to loads of places to stay.

Don't know the prices but Jim Edwards, Tierneys B+B, Amarach B+B, The Gallery B+B, The Blue Haven Hotel, The White House, Actons Hotel, The Trident Hotel - just off the top of my head, all within a 3/4 minute walk of the Temperance Hall

Some more here

BailMeOut Registered User

It is at the top of St John's hill which you can get on to from O'Connell St. There are long steep pedestrian steps that bring you to it from Lower O'Connell St as well. You will see signs for the Kinsale Bowling Green.

Any hotel or B&B in the town will be walk-able and I would not even know where to start listing as there are so many. The "White Lady" hotel is however really close to the town hall as is the Trident but there are also 10-20 B&Bs right near it too.

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