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Looking for a tractor in the 95-115 HP range and interested in getting a Ford 8340 or Ford New Holland TS115. I like the look of these tractors. Are these good choices? Im not going on plant hire or anything but would like a decent tractor for a round the farm and I have high land. Can anyone highlight any major issues with these models that I should be aware of before buying?

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I have a 2000 TS115 from new. It only has 3500 hours, but hasn't given any problems in that period. I think it has cost us a battery, a new radio, and a fan belt and oil and filters since we got it.

It isn't the most powerful tractor in the world, but neither have we turboed it. My biggest fault is the paintwork, it is very poor, on the wheels in particualr where NH (or Sankey IIRC!) seem not to have used any primer.

Try and get a minded genuine one. I had the "pleasure" of driving an imported TS110 recently, and despite having an alleged 2000 hours, the linkages and gear levers seemed a lot looser and the tractor was generally tattier.

Ours is the "SLDP" spec, with no electronics much. Some people say to avoid the SLE spec ones with powershift, but equally a dealer was telling me it is a decent box and less likely to need work than the dual power once is hasn't been dogged by a 17yo drawing silage.

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I drove a ts115 for when they came out in '00 had it for two years engine is pretty much bulletproof it was well worked and had no problem even with a 16 ton dump trailor just make sure you have enough weight on the front.It had the best a/c ive had in any vehicle i have ever drove,if you get one with it.The only issue i seen with them, things had a habit of loosing and falling off, side panels, exhaust, etc...and the mesh around the latch on the bonnet was a nightmare.
Once them little things were sorted out it was a gem.The contractor had it for four years and never gave trouble with the engine, backend or gearbox and with what it got put through is amazing really.
Drove one a couple of weeks ago for a local farmer it was his own machine had to roll a bit of grass for him and his one has done very well through the years.

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