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Easy 5.3 miles, 8:40 pace

Missed a run Thursday after a massive night on the gargle Wed night, just as well had a day off work. Filled in with a relaxed run to keep legs loose ahead of Sunday. Legs felt very stiff after the day off but were OK once they warmed up properly.

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Missed on sub-35 in winter league 10 days ago and suffered the consequences last Saturday when even missed on sub-36. Reckoned on this race as a much better bet for a PB, flatter and faster.

Things looked even better this morning when arrived, clear blue skies, no wind, sun shining and chill gone from the air. Met up with a girl I used to work with, first time for some years, looking fit, well and...younger than me - reality doesn't lie. No idea what pace she was able for but suspected I would be in trouble as she lined up nearer the front than me.

First mile was downhill so couldn't resist my weakness - off too fast - 6:15, still time in the bank I thought optimistically. Next mile generally uphill and paid for the start, 7:16, so lost most of the advantage. Had kept my friend in sight from the start and passed her after 3/4 mile but as we started the third mile she returned the compliment and I then used her as a target for the next 2 miles. Both were slightly net downhill and I was really hanging on, paying for the start I thought, legs on the verge of bending. Concentrated on form to keep it together and was only 20 yards back at the start of the last mile, 6:53 and 6:51 so needed a 7:45 for the last mile.

After a further third of a mile there was a sharp (to me) rise for just 200m but it was enough to drain whatever I had left and I was done for. It took all of my willpower to avoid walking, the legs were gone, I struggled the next 1/4 mile while my friend took off for the line. The last quarter was downhill so made some kind of effort but it wasn't pretty. 7:21 plus a few to give a net 34:47 for a PB - the only good thing about my race today.

My friend beat me by 30 seconds and I think if I had paced things better I could have got close but today was as close to perfect conditions as one could wish for so it might be sometime before I get the chance again. I was close to the edge most of the race, so there was little in the tank, HR 91/92%, so the only improvement left is pacing the race.

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Congrats on a great pb!! Great running in Kilmac

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Well done on PB, I just have by a few sec's Amazing that we are
running such similar times, have to look at race pace
as split times are too erratic costing us better times.

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After the great experience at the 10 miler last month had this one down as an early chance to wipe away a very poor PB at 10k.

However circumstances did not bode well as I had not run a step since racing the Kilmac 5 miler last Sunday. During half term my kids were competing in a dancing competition in Citywest and went up to see them a few times as work allowed. Close exposure to large numbers of people and I picked up my first dose of man-flu in a couple of years. By Tues I was in trouble and Wed/Thurs I could have easily gone to bed and stayed there but struggled through. Fri was mending and Sat was better. Went to bed hoping Sun would be recovered.

Got up feeling (sort of) OK but still with snivelly nose and coughing mucus but didn't write it off just yet. Breakfast and a walk with the dogs and the body felt better but the legs were not playing ball. Decided to travel and go for a warmup before making up my mind. Probably silly but I really wanted to clear out that PB (47:10) I knew that should be possible with any kind of reasonable performance.

Did a couple of miles warmup and other than sweating more than usual felt reasonable so decided to go out and see what happened. As usual headed off ambitiously at around 7:05 pace which I held for a couple of miles but knew would blow up so cut back to around 7:20 for the next 3 miles. By that stage I knew the PB was on and for the final 1.25 miles managed a sub-7 pace helped by seeing the clock up the finishing straight to get there in 44:48.

Absolutely delighted as knew from previous races that there was not much better in the tank on a good day, never mind today. It was knowing from reading these logs that one weeks training, just before a race, will make almost no difference that tempted me to try and the result proves it. The rested legs balanced up the rest of me but the loss of the week will count more for Mallow in a few weeks but - for now - who cares.

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Well done on another PB, two PB's in a week, must be happy with that. What race are you going next Sunday.

Will have to find a 10 km for myself.

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irfrm said:
Well done on another PB, two PB's in a week, must be happy with that. What race are you going next Sunday.

Will have to find a 10 km for myself.

No race planned for next couple of weeks, need to do some training for a change

Happy out today as had not expected that. Need to get in some proper training as booked to do Mallow Paddy's weekend

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Another pb! Great stuff! You are in flying form.

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Lactate 8.5 miles, pace 8:02

After two PBs in a week and a dose of man flu in between it is back to reality this week - training. Signed up for the Waterford marathon last month and yesterday was the first day of the P&D 18-week training plan, fortunately a rest day. Today however was 8 miles with 4 at HM pace which for me is 7:30.

Had a night-time meeting back at the job so needed to get this in on the road home before dark. Under time pressure as usual so the warmup was 2 miles too fast at 8:10 before doing the 4 at lactate threshold which were managed at 7:20, 7:36, 7:32 and 7:28, the second one slightly uphill into a light wind. First w/d mile was a struggle but finished with 8:30.

Because of the race on Sunday felt the lactate building in the quads fairly quickly so was glad to be able to complete the 4 miles at the target pace. Good start but long way to go.

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Aerobic 10 miles, 8:47 pace

P&D plan wanted 9 miles at 9:00 pace.

Have always had a problem with lower paced runs as I mentally start doing an inventory of all the aches and pains and this one was no exception. Usual suspect, my left achilles, started to shout and complain - I think this is caused by my running style as when I settle back to a pace I also settle back on my heels and this increases the stress on the achilles as the weight distribution is wrong. Maybe I am just a cr*p runner?

Run was fine but kept having to check the watch to stop the pace creeping below 8:30. Could feel the residual lactate from the previous run for the last couple of miles so glad to finish in the semi-darkness. Light enough at 6.30 in the morning to start thinking about getting the shorter runs in before work - roll on summer

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Recovery 4.27 miles, 8:35 pace

Yesterday. My recovery pace is supposed to be 9:30 but I cannot run comfortably at this pace so went out at as easy a pace as I could manage. Average HR was just 127, lowest in over a year, so tried at least.

LSR 12.19 miles, 8:36 pace

OH alarm went off at 6:50 this morning so no lie in after that. No frost but even with the gloves and hat it was bl**dy freezing for first 4 miles till hit a sunny patch. After that it was a lovely run, ran at a relaxed pace and even the hilly route didn't bother me. Sorry I wasn't in Ballycotton this morning, great day to be out.

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Aerobic 8.46 miles, 8:44 pace

Anyone looking for a positive update look away now... ...or move on to piece below.

Due to do this run on Tues but daughter's 16th birthday, ate too much and postponed till following night. Wed night I was late out of work and dinner was on the table when got home so ate a small dinner (as I thought) and intended to give it 2 hours and head out. When the time came around felt more like putting up the feet and hitting the TV and snack box but pulled on the gear and headed to town where there was some lighting. The temperature was 6 degrees but the first couple of miles were into the slight breeze and the wind chill cut through me like a knife, no hat or gloves and a short sleeved shirt whose wicking properties apparently apply to heat as well as sweat. By this time I had no feeling in knees, ears, nose or fingers and core temperature was way down but a turn took me out of the wind and I started to thaw somewhat. But now dinner resurrected itself and I spent the rest of the run trying to keep it down and was near to parting company a good few times - not pleasant. I had a couple of opportunities to cut the run short but sheer bloodymindedness and having wimped out the previous evening wouldn't let me. Once I had hit the 8 mile target I really resented the extra 0.46 miles back to the car - into the wind again. There were supposed to be 10 x 100 strides included in this run but even one would have had me and dinner heading in different directions. A horrible, horrible run.

Aerobic 10 miles, 8:33 pace

Thurs, back on track with this run, missed the scheduled days rest between runs so legs felt sluggish starting out but had the advantage of doing this in late afternoon, amazing the difference a bit of natural light makes. Temperature was 12 degrees but slight chill was still in the breeze, a long sleeved shirt helped this time. Needed to include strides in this run so after a couple of miles warmup put in the first 5, didn't have the energy the hit them full throttle so concentrated on form. Kept general pace to the targeted 9 min for most part, found this easier than usual, and put in second 5 strides towards the end. Not a great run but infinitely better than Wed.

Home, shower, dinner and off to the blood bank where they were giving out cool red drink bottles so will christen that on the weekend

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There's plenty to take out of the Wednesday night run - Conditions were poor and your clothing choices even poorer ;-) yet you persisted even though you were freezing out there. I had a similar story for a 40 min portion of my 30 mile run last weekend where I was freezing as a result of the cold wind coming in off the Coast Road in Clontarf. I think we both did the same thing and just poughed on and got through it which is all you can ask for in those situations.
You didn't take any shortcuts so the mental strength is there in spades and sometimes that is more important than the physical strength!!
Well done!

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Recovery 5.3 miles, 8:43 pace

Unreal weather for this time of year so will just enjoy it. Straightforward recovery run, in humour to take it easy so kept pace down. Wednesday night a distant memory today and may it remain so.

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LSR with 8 @ MP, 14.65 miles, 8:32 pace

Out early but mist was around for most of the run so not as pleasant as it might have been. Legs felt lethargic for the first couple of miles so knew the MP miles were going to be hard. Put this down to the blood donation the other night as have been crashing out at 10pm rather than my usual midnight plus.

Sure enough when stepped up the pace struggled to keep to 8:00 but averaged 7:59 in the end, but the effort was much harder than it should have been. Pity HR monitor needed a new battery as would have liked to have seen what it showed. Found it hard to keep even to 9:00 pace for rest of run, batteries completely gone. Need to recharge in front of Eng v France and athletics for the rest of the day.

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