So, following on from the highly successful 'Dreamer of the year' thread in Motors and the few auctions that pop up here every now and again, I though it would be a good idea to start a thread for Retro stuff that... Well, baffles belief at the price they are looking!

Exhibit A

Has to be a mistake

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o1s1n Registered User

Okay, so I might be cheating here..but it's one of the most stupid things I've seen in a while and he only did it as he thinks it'll be retro of the future -


Retr0gamer Category Moderator

Lol add a cheap plastic case and suddenly the price skyrockets. I'll off to lay a few turds in some collectible game boxes and sell them on ebay.


The reviews are amazing

pdbhp Registered User

No mistake here, this bloke is a gem!!


Retr0gamer Category Moderator

The giant red text makes it rarer.

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hahahah, Brilliant

Dark Savior Registered User
pdbhp Registered User

Tallon said:
hahahah, Brilliant

Thought that was really funny........ right up until I saw the price, what a twat!

deadl0ck Registered User

What about this bad boy ?

pdbhp Registered User

deadl0ck said:
What about this bad boy ?

Cheap at twice the price!!

johnny_ultimate Production Model EVA-02

deadl0ck said:
What about this bad boy ?

At least quarter-millionaires can afford it now. They always got a rough time.

"If only I had four times more money I'd be awesome!"

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Retr0gamer Category Moderator

It might be very rare but he can **** of with a quarter million. Unless fiddy cent is a fan of the original game he's **** out of luck because I don't know any other millionaires stupid enough.

CiDeRmAn Category Moderator

Hey, I have a copy of Fifa Soccer for the MD, if I wrap a plastic casing around it and stick it on adverts for 250 euro, can I get a shout out here?
Can one buy ones way onto the Dreamer of the Year (Arcade Edition) wall of fame????

landsleaving Registered User

At €150 for a PS2 that's... perfectly working! This is a steal


But even better for you bargain hunters... 9 games at €5 each, 2 controllers for €10 each and a guitar hero guitar for €20... (total €85) He'll do the lot for only €250! Wowzers!

I'd buy it if he had a memory card. Oh well

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