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Hi guys,

I have a Gigabit UD3R Mobo which has a 64 gb corsair ssd attached and used as my main harddrive through a sata cable.
Now looking at this RevoDrive I'm sorly tempted as it will double my space which is badly needed, however will my mother board give me the 530 MB / s read and 435 MB / s write the drive says it capable of ?
It boots from pci which is needed but is the bus fast enough, dont know how to calculate it.

Cuddlesworth Registered User

It will go into the yellow pci-ex x4 slot or a empty blue pci-ex x16 slot. Preferably into the yellow slot otherwise its just a waste.

Edit: and yes, you should get close to the advertised speeds.

stylie Registered User

Thats for Sata6gb though, my board only has Sata3, will there be a trade off in the read write speeds ?

Tea_Bag Registered User

SATA3 and SATA6gbps is the same thing. I'm on my mobile so I can't check your mobo specs , do you mean you have SATA2?

Serephucus Registered User

This is what I don't like about SATA3...

A SATA2 port has a maximum throughput of 3Gb/s
A SATA3 port has a maximum throughput of 6Gb/s

Some people call SATA3 SATA6, which is just stupid, and misleading, and... well you get my point. There is no SATA6, and there won't be for a long, long time. The SSD will run at full speed on your board.

stylie Registered User

Tea_Bag said:
SATA3 and SATA6gbps is the same thing. I'm on my mobile so I can't check your mobo specs , do you mean you have SATA2?

Yes, my board has GSata2 and Sata2 interfaces.
I think Serephucus has given me the answer though.

When a device says it is Sata3, will it still be backwards compatible with Sata2 as I have read about some SSDs advertising they are backwards compatible while there is no mention of it in others for sale so is there an issue there that your Sata3 SSD might not be compatible with your Sata2 Mobo ?
I suppose the potential speed will be throttled back but will the connections be different ?

reading the specs for Sata2 and it looks like I would never get the full read write speeds advertised on the SSD, limited to 300MB/s but with the Revo drive by passing the Sata2 bottle neck I should be able to get the full read write speeds shouldnt I ?

Serephucus Registered User

SATA2 and SATA3 are completely interchangeable. The interfaces are identical. The only thing that would change would be the speed (if you stuck a SATA3 something into a SATA2 port)

Your board only has SATA2, so you'd be limited to a maximum of 375MB/s (3000Gb/s / 8 = 375MB/s).

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