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Hey guys..

Currently myself and a bunch of friends host a server between us..
this has it's own problems.. for example whoever has the server files isn't
online at the moment and such.

So I was thinking of getting a VPS from digiweb and sticking a minecraft server on it. Just wondering if anyone knows any ballpark figures on what this baby uses bandwidth wise.

At peek.. there's about 6 of us on it.

cherryghost Frequent Support Feeder

Tallon's server took about 600mb a day bandwidth with about 12 online, so maybe 300-350 a day for 6 players active for most of the day...

So about 9GB a month give or take, probably less as Tallon's server was populated almost 24/7

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brendanL Registered User

Ah that sounds good.. I'll give it a shot anyways ^^

thanks for the feedback cherryghost.. I love your server btw

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