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When he told his Dad that he loved him it got me. I have a grandmother with the same condition.

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Saw this film a few months ago when it came out in the States. I went with my family and we all really, really liked it. The performances are outstanding. I can really appreciate it now as one of my friends has been diagnosed with cancer and given similar chances of survival. Her biggest request is that we keep things as normal and funny as we always do.

I hope Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets some recognition for this performance come awards season. I know it doesn't really mean anything, but he was really incredible in this film. I actually got to meet him a few weeks after it came in out, in October. He's a really sound guy.

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WatchWolf said:
When he told his Dad that he loved him it got me. I have a grandmother with the same condition.

Yeah me too. My Dad,who passed away nearly a year ago, had the same condition at the time my sister had cancer. It struck quite a few chords with me.


Sunday Times film critic gave this 3 stars but gave the new twilight 5 this week??!

Jesus I sound like an irked fanboy on RT but in the words of GOB Bluth...COME ON!!

He also mentioned the treatment of the ex girlfriend made counteracted the sympathy felt for the lead. Why though? The ex was a bitch, she cheated and lied and deserved everything that she had coming!

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Haha, I presume that's Cosmo Landesman? Worst film critic in the world, no kidding! (though his justifications for good/bad reviews do occasionally border on hilarious - I'm convinced he just chooses to always take the contrary view to the common consensus and then has to make up his reasons to fit it)

Loved this movie - I too wept like a girlie girl!


Brilliant movie, 9/10. I found one or two things quite predicable but all in all really enjoyable. I thought the fusion between Adam and Kyles character was like mixing Enya with The Prodigy. Amazing.

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Saw it tonight. Great film, was in bits for the last part, the park bench scene onwards more or less. Made me appreciate my health.

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If any of my female friends say they're going to twilight I will do everything in my power to get them to watch this instead.

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Saw this last weekend. Feckin' emotional rollercoaster of a movie.

While I'm not Seth Rogen's biggest fan, I think he was key in this film to bring a sort of natural humour back into play having learned of Adam's diagnosis.

The last 20 minutes or so really got me though. Had a few tears in my eyes alright.

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Seen this earlier today. I really enjoyed it. When it was funny, it was funny and when it was serious, it tugged your heartstrings. They pulled it off very well.

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Very enjoyable and natural flick that didn't overload itself with syrupy sweet or forced moments in order to be affecting. Helped that the leads were so likeable, even fecking Seth Rogen!

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Incredible. I wasn't expecting a whole lot going in mainly because of my dislike for Rogen, but it's a hell of an achievment. Obviously the subject matter is sensative for a lot of people but the balance that they manage to strike between laughs and poignant scenes is perfect. It's almost Pixar like in its approach. The great performance from JGL is the norm for him at this stage and Rogen really surprised me in the end - a career role for him.

And sure, many aspects were predictable but the movie wouldn't have worked without them. Ask yourself what you would have thought had those things not happened? An absolute credit to all involved.

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Really great movie, the 2 characters interaction throughout the movie was a good example of how opposites attract with one being boorish and brash while the other was more withdrawn.Some great chemistry between them and gave a convincing account of being good friends through thick and thin.
Very touching when

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I defy anybody not to be touched in some way by this movie,it deals with a serious topic in a touching,sometimes funny yet not overly saccherine way which can be leveled at a lot of other movies about the same topic.

Note to those guys who hate chick flicks yet want to score brownie points-bring your other halves to see this.I can even imagine a few tears from some of the fellas aswell.

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Was driving home from the cinema in the car with my brother and he goes " Jesus, I was close to tears for about the last 20 minutes", and as was I, currently recovering from a chronic illlness, and that scene in the car is just intense!, absolutely NAILED what its like to feel utterly helpless, (I done the same thing myself),

only a person who has had an illness like that can understand the way he pushes away the parents. Brilliant balance, seth rogen palying his most mature role yet, felt a great cheery friend to JGL's sad looking expressions and beanie hat, great stuff from both of them

Incredible, Incredible stuff, loved the cinematography, music, acting felt so lifelike, low key. A brilliant back to basics approach, no CGI in sight!
Also Bryce was looking very well indeed

Better than a month of sequels and superheroes!

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For the first hour of this movie, I thought it was merely a slightly above average Apatow-style movie. I just couldn't get behind Rogen's character, as he spouted the same idiotic one-liners from all his other films. I thought the treatment of Bryce Dallas Howard's character was simplistic to the extreme. The whole thing also had a very predictable overall arc, and it was clear from the outset why some characters were introduced and what their ultimate resolutions / dramatic role would be. That predictability somewhat diluted the impact of a handful of key scenes for me.

I must admit I warmed to it much more in the final half-hour though. It's more honest, it's more emotionally involving and the dangers seem very real and terrifying. I was also amazed at how good a job Anna Kendrick did - in a role that was potentially one-dimensional, she made her character feel very real without clichéd emotional outbursts. A really lovable character, which means that although there's never any doubt about why she's there, you're still rooting for her. Gordon-Levitt also does a damn good job, although even with the inevitable revelations Rogen's character was still too obnoxious for me to warm to.

Almost a film split 50/50 then. Just another Apatow-style flick on one hand. But it's a surprisingly emotional, warm-hearted and brutally honest mainstream drama on the other.

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I watched 50/50 last night on Netflix. I had been put off watching it because of the subject matter. I couldn't see who a comedy about cancer could be palatable to me, considering the effect cancer has had on my family. But I loved it. Even when I was watching it last night I remember thinking about halfway through that this was really loving this movie.

The comedy was funny and the moments that were meant to be heartfelt worked very well. As has been mentioned already, the scene on the hospital gurney between Levitt and Angelica Huston was very powerful. Great acting from Joseph Gordon-Levitt. That makes it four great movies from that guy I've seen this year (TDKR, Looper, Brick and 50/50). Even Seth Rogen was good in this.

The only slight criticism I'd have of the movie is the over simplification of Bryce Dallas-Howards character. I don't think I've seen Anna Kendrick in anything before. Think I might watch Up in the Air now.

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