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Hi ya I was wondering has anybody buy a good sleeping pillow for supporting the neck and shoulders? Last few mornings and on and off from time to time I'm waking up sore neck, headaches and pain in my shoulder/ right arm which I know is a trapped nerve from leaning on it. I've tried lots of diff positions I used sleep on my front before for years but now find that uncomfortable for the whole night and will wake up stiff and sore mid night. I've tried sleeping on my back but find it uncomfortable the odd time I do drift off in that position but wake to turn. If I lie on my left side my shoulder it gets sore just after few mins. I've been to a few Physio sessions for problems with my knees and back. I'm quite tall and was told that I have hypermobile joints which means my joints are more flexible than others and because of my height means they've to work extra hard to
Maintain my muscle posture. I've bought a support pillow before but found it too high and too hard. I was hoping someone might have had similar probs with sleeping and could recommend a place to buy good pillow for a good nights sleep. I tend to sleep on my side more as it's the most comfortable well at time!

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Try one of those medical supply stores, there used to be on on the Coal Quay by the Bridewell.

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