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Hi everyone.

I'm involved with Community Radio Kilkenny helping to set up some shows aimed at both regular listeners and those of the Deaf Community (via internet streaming and live interpreters).

This is something that is very very new to us and we would love to hear any comments, suggestions and so on.

We will be broadcasting 3 shows this weekend including morning Mass, Your Community, Your Radio with Elizabeth Kett and Tony Coy with some pretty cool guests (dont want to ruin the surprise). That evening we will also be interviewing, and streaming live, while we speak to some sporting legends

We would love for everyone, Deaf or not, to get involved and tell us what you think. This is the very first time they are doing this and we hope that if we get a good response and some suggestions that they could create shows by the Deaf and for the Deaf using the internet as a medium.

Its very important to them to have your support as it is a community run radio station and everyone gives their own time to make it happen.

So, check them out on facebook!

Your support means everything to us!




That's an excellent thing your doing. Hope the users enjoy it

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Thanks for your kind words!

They are very excited to make this happen and we can't wait to see how it turns out!


Ill say it to my cousins. Some of them are fairly bad of hearing so might enjoy this.

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