Ichirau Registered User

Sorry if i posted this in the wrong section : /

Anyway, i need to log onto my router control panel so i typed in my ip address in the address bar and the page said ' Welcome to Motorola WiMAX CPE ' and asked me to type in a password. When i googled it, all i found were posts from 1/2 years ago nothing recent. They talked about the default being Motorola or clear123 but nothing worked.

So does anyone know the password or how i can find out what it is? Thanks in advance.

daffy_duc Registered User

Imagine manage the router.
Only they know the password. If you need any ports forwarded, you need to phone them.

If you're wanting to change the WiFi settings, I think you can use the web interface on port 2000.

JSR_85 Registered User

thnaxs!! that´s what I was looking for!

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