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Can anyone recommend a good solicitor in the Carlow town or county area please? Or better still, can you advise me which solicitors in the area I should stay away from? I have not heard of any stories good or bad of solicitors so I would really appreciate all your advice and feedback on this to help me make the best decision. Thanks.

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Most solicitors specialise in a particular area of law i.e Family Law etc, so it really depends on what you need them for.

Also some represent various organisations like the County Council or the VEC on an almost permanent basis.

They do however tend to recommend another firm if its not their area, so a quick phone call should point you in the right direction.

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I would answer this query, but if I told the truth, I'm afraid I'd be sued....

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I'll second
I've used them in the past and was happy with their service.

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I used O'Gorman & Begley when buying my home & they were excellent

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try out you will see who to avoid


fuzzyhead said:
try out you will see who to avoid


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I think the URL is meant to be

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as per previous posts, I would highly recommend Clarke Jeffers

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should give grainne aylmer a call-
Highly recommended.


Dorothy Whelan.

Castle Hill (John S O Sullivan over the door. - Dorothy is an equal partner)

Assidous to the point of being banal. (big into detail)

Several issues, all promptly resolved, very reasonable bills.

Give her a call.

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I personally would reccomend John M Foley & co. Bagenalstown. I have looked at & I am not surprised to see a certain Carlow town solicitor firm being slated.

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