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3Dcamp, the “un-conference Barcamp which looks at The Internet Beyond Web 2.0″, will be running on Saturday June 11th in the University of Limerick. Areas of interest include:

  • 3D visualizations (Blender, Sketchup),
  • Gestural Interfaces (Kinect)
  • Robotics
  • Gaming
  • Mapping mashups, GPS,
  • Location based Services (LBSs),
  • Haptics and augmented toys (eg. Wiimote hacks),
  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual worlds (Second Life, the Metaverse),
  • Mirror worlds (Google Earth and Virtual Earth),
  • Interactive art installations
  • …and all things 3D.

There will be plenty of hacking-related talks and workshops this year on subjects such as “Tracking objects in 3D space” by Jeffrey Roe of TOG hackerspace in Dublin, “Escapism, Pedal Through Google Streetview On A Stationary Bike”, by Lette Moloney, and “How I built a Sheep Herding Robot” by Niall Dempsey. Registration is from 9am, with specific building details to follow. Attendance is free and all are welcome to the event.
You can keep up to date with all the latest details at:

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Thanks for the publicity guys - much appreciated. I think you'll all enjoy the hacking flavour to the event this year. Register to attend by clicking on the appropriate button at the right hand side of the homepage.

And please feel free to register a talk or workshop too - we've got open slots and would love to hear about what you're at.

@miLKlabs & @3Dcamp

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My last post about this guys, I promise, and thanks again for passing on the word. I thought you might be interested in reading our Press Release --

Oscar nominees, robotics DIY-ers and more for Limerick unconference
LIMERICK - MAY 30, 2011: 3Dcamp returns to the University of Limerick for its fourth year on Saturday June 11th. Based on the informal Silicon Valley style ‘barcamp’ format, 3Dcamp is a one day event dedicated to the exploration of Internet interfaces beyond Web 2.0.

“We were tired of the obsession with Web 2.0 a few years ago among the software development and research community, and decided to bring something different to the events calendar”, explains organizer Gabriela Avram. “3Dcamp considers the wider ecosystem of media and interconnected devices”.

The barcamp format invites delegates to propose talks and workshops. Those registered so far this year include ‘How I built a sheep herding robot’, ‘A geo-referenced 3D reconstruction of an ancient environment on a smartphone’ and ‘Physical keys to digital memories: the Reminisce project at Bunratty Folk Park’. Hands-on workshops dedicated to topics such as working with Arduino, Kinect and developing applications for smartphones are also on the agenda.

“It’s an eclectic mix with speakers drawn from many disciplines”, admits co-organizer James Corbett. “Our keynote speaker is Paul Giancarlo from Brown Bag Films, who will talk about how the Oscar nominated studio is dealing with the demand for 3D stereo shows.”

3Dcamp is free to attend and will be hosted in the Computer Science and Information Systems building of the University of Limerick campus.

The Ubuntu Ireland community is planning a geeknic (a picnic for geeks) during the lunch break, and a Girl Geek Dinner is planned in Limerick for the evening before.

The organisation of the event is supported by miLKlabs (the Limerick maker-space) and by the local chapter of IxDA(the Interaction Design Association) and sponsored by the Computer Science and Information Systems Department at the University of Limerick.

For more information see


James Corbett & Gabriela Avram

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