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Trying to get in shape for that special occasion, maybe a wedding or a holiday but you can't find the motivation to get started? A few personal training sessions with professional and helpful advice might be the best way to overcome it.

Pay just €49 instead of €225 for 3 personal training sessions, a full assessment and a diet overhaul with nutritional advice over a 1 week period with ABS Gym and today's Boards Deal. The ABS Gym will also include a free fat loss programme to use in the gym yourself after you have finished the sessions, worth €99.

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Bryan Kavanagh is a personal trainer currently working out of his personal training studio in Temple Bar, Dublin City Centre with four other professional personal trainers.

The ABS Gym have had a lot of success with personal fitness trainers working with people on a one-to-one basis.

They help as many people as possible with fitness routines, nutrition and lifestyle management to get their fitness levels back on track. Or even started for the very first time. You can read some of Bryan's tips for a flatter tummy or what to look for in a personal trainer here.

Training sessions are offered from 7am to 9pm in the gym located in Temple Bar.

Bryan holds a BSc Sport Science and Health (CSCS).

Bryan Kavanagh - Personal Trainer,
ABS Gym,
Temple Bar,
Dublin 2.

T: 086 1238633

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Terms of the Deal:

  • Voucher valid for 6 months
  • Not valid with any other offers
  • Subject to availability
  • Must be booked in advance
  • One voucher per person, may buy multiples as gifts
  • Not available to current or past clients

frag420 Registered User

Hi Niamh,

I am new to this board deals so was wondering how long before they expire? Are they live for just one day?



frag420 Registered User

Scrap that last post as hit on the buy now tab and all details are there.



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WellyJ Registered User

I lost 8 stone training with Bryan and following his nutritional advice. This is a steal

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frag420 Registered User

WellyJ said:
I lost 8 stone training with Bryan and following his nutritional advice. This is a steal

I am going to grab this offer. Wondering can you elaborate on the advice you were given and do you think three sessiond would be enough to start.


the big cheese 01 Registered User

keep trying to go to the abs gym website but google chrome and norton antivirus wont let me, they say it is a known website for something called malware

Bryankav Registered User

The website host is moving servers and there was a mix up with it.

I don't know if I'll get in trouble for posting a URL? There is a link on the ad itself to access my blog that is still working... Go back to the ad thread and click the link.

That's the best I can do for now

Thanks for the interest!

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Bryankav Registered User

I assure you there is no virus. I'm just waiting for google to spider the site again and for the host to finish the upload of the rest of the site.

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You can find all of Bryan's info here for now :

Bryankav Registered User

Thanks Niamh

Didn't want to get given out to for URL :-) Niamh Community Manager

Bryankav said:
Thanks Niamh

Didn't want to get given out to for URL :-)

No problem at all

guiterman Registered User

How long is each session??

gazzer Registered User

Could you use these 3 sessions just to get some valuable information and then go off and use that info somewhere else?

I would like to do the 3 sessions but I dont live in Dublin and use a home gym.

Bryankav Registered User

@gulterman Generally 50-60 mins including warm up etc.

@dazzer yea couple of people want to do that its perfectly fine

All of the websites are up and running now too btw

frag420 Registered User

mine is bought, I better be buffed as I have interview for Jersey Shore!!!

ha ha

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