joekempo Registered User

Hi All

Just a quick question

does anyone know where I can play Craps in ireland,
I live in dublin and are a member of a few casinos in dublin but none of them have Craps tables,

can anyone tell me where if any i can find a craps table in a casino,
and if there is none does anyone know the reason why there is none


uforia98 Registered User

Hi Joe,

I am interested too, did you ever find out whether there are any casinos with craps tables in Ireland ?

AstonMartin Registered User

There are none because they take 3 people to operate wheras the games supplied in the irish casinos can be done by 1 person.

just back from vegas?

you should avoid all those games, guaranteed to lose so why play?

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joekempo Registered User

i am also only back from vega sthis year and also went last year, i love the place

i love craps it is great crack and a great laugh

the most enjoyable game in the casino

i still have found no casino that has craps

over to newcastal or london for a game i guess

thanks lads


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