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Not terrible.. but not particularly great either!

A tad soapy, a tad cheesy but a largely a talented cast. Could actually be quite well-recieved by US audiences methinks.

But Jesus ABC.. stop harping on about "From The Writers of Lost" blurb, Horozwitz and Kitsis together wrote some of the weakest episodes of the show.


Saw it last night, it was OK...not great but not bad either, not as cheesy as i was expecting. I did monster ratings last night...but sure to fall from here.

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Watched that last night. Thought it was really good. I hope this gets a full season and isnt axed after a couple of episodes.

Biggins Banned

Seemed interesting, has possibilities. Hope its given a chance.

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It wasn't bad but there was a lot of set up to get through. The real proof of what it's like will be next week. It could go either way, I'm not sure how long it can go on for the plot doesn't seem very open ended.

I did have a bit of a hard time believing Morrison as a 28 year old.

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I'll probably watch the pilot just for Rob Carlyle and try to get out of the habit of thinking Dr. Rush whenever I see him..


I think the real test of this show, it's potential, it's direction, will depend alot on tonights episode as the pilot didn't offer us much plotwise.

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I'm hearing there was a lot of Lost Easter Eggs in the Pilot, with the numbers 108 and 815 popping up at times.


On paper this show shouldn't work and the promos made it look cheesy and childish, so I wasn't even going to give it a chance, but when I saw the ratings it pulled in and then heard rave reviews I thought it best to give it a chance...

And I'm very glad I did, because it was freakin' awesome. Its the first time i've been excited about a new drama series in several years


The second episode was excellent!....lots of backstory, the queen and Dr. Rush are by far the best actors. Evil queen pulled tons of skullduggery to get rid of Emma!, then....she kills her own father!

The flashbacks into the fairytale world is the most interesting part, the effects while not high end look pretty good. It's actually isin't as cheesy or childish as i thought, can be quite adult at times.

It's sorta like a less fluffy Enchanted, but ep. 2 was great!

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Gus Fring = AWESOME!

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