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Hi all,
Funderland is coming to Galway (down by the Docks I think). I was at the one in Cork and it’s a ‘proper’ fairground compared to the one in Salthill.

There was a boards outing to the Cork one, anyone interested in meeting up for an evening at the Galway one?
I've put in Wednesday, 25th as a provisional date. Time can be decided- ideally I'd like both daylight and night time.

Fair details:

Date - Thursday 19th May to Sunday 29th May
Opening Timing - 5pm to 10pm Monday to Friday and from 2pm to 10pm Saturdays & Sundays

I think you can pay €2 (or similar) for general entry.


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PopeBuckfastXVI Moderator

I might be up for this, I was planning on heading in one of the evenings!

dinneenp Registered User

it looks like we'll give tonight a skip-
only 2 of us
I'm 'in between' camera bodies at the moment so would have to borrow one.
crap weather.

I'd say to head along anyway if you can, i think tonight is the last night. i was there with my family and there's some great potential there- the stall with all the ducks bobbing in the water could be a class one I think.
I was 1/2 thinking of flying in there after work with a compact camera just to try to get a good shot of the ducks.

PopeBuckfastXVI Moderator

Crap - I've got a tonne of stuff to do tonight, will have to miss out on it for this year, thanks for trying to get something going anyway

dinneenp Registered User

Sorry, I stand corrected- it's there until the 29th-it's just that I thoguht that tonight was my last chance to go in. I might get a chance to go on Sunday with my family again and the compact camera

19th of May to 29th of May

Opening Times:
5pm to 10pm Monday to Friday
2pm to 10pm Saturdays & Sundays

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